TVOut2 “Mirror” TVOut – Mirror Your iPhone’s Display On a TV Using AV Cable

Written By Sam on 30 December 2009

TVOut2 Mirror TVOut is a new App in Cydia which allows you to view your iPhone screen on the TV by using a TV Out cable. TVOut2 Mirror TVOut gives you a Portrait or Landscape view along with Springboard in “mirror” mode on your TV. Though most of the Apps work well with TVOut2 Mirror TVOut there are still more improvements needed in the APP. This App looks much better but not faster than the older “Landscape TV Out” App.

TVOut2 Mirror TVOut - Mirror Your iPhone's Display On a TV Using AV Cable

TVOut2 Mirror TVOut is still in the infant stage and needs a lot of improvements. Many frames of the video are skipped as it is outputs the video to both the TV and the iPhone. One good thing about TVOut2 Mirror TVOut is the ability to adjust various parameters which allows you to show the video in portrait or in Landscape, adjust the images on TV making them go up, down, move to the right or left.

TVOut2 Mirror TVOut says that you should uninstall any other TVOut app before using this. So don’t install it along with another APP. many people have reported problems with third party cables and also pointed that the battery drains faster while using this App.

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4 Responses to “TVOut2 “Mirror” TVOut – Mirror Your iPhone’s Display On a TV Using AV Cable”

  1. Guido Bellagamba says:

    Hi, Guido here maintainer of TVOut2. You can install the new version alongside TVOut Landscape of you wish. For more details consult the release notes here:

    Unfortunately unless you have a 3GS TVOut2 is not going to be auitable for Video.

  2. ravi says:

    TVOut2 Mirror TVOut is a great app. i m totally agree with u Samrat P

  3. nitin says:

    TVOut2 Mirror TVOut is a nice App in Cydia

  4. Mornachew says:

    Hi guido I’m havin a few probs. I got it to work on tv with sound and picture!! Great!! Using 3gs 3.1.2 non apple cable. However when I’m not using cable trying to look at utube – no sound or video. That’s also the same for videos I’ve taken myself?? I’ve looked through the forums but there is to much info. Cheers

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