US Cellular Announces Schedule for Froyo Updates for Its Android Phones

Written By Sam on 22 January 2011

US Cellular is one of the popular wireless service providers with its own special range of service, the Belief Project. It has a number of users of Android-based phones who have been waiting to have their phones updated to Froyo which is Android 2.2.

Froyo has a redesigned homescreen and one bright feature is that it supports USB and lets your phone be used as a hotspot if it is Wi-Fi enabled. It is also 5 times faster than Éclair, version 2.1 of Android. Froyo is capable of streaming music and supports Flash 10.1.

US Celluar has now announced a schedule for the Android-based phones of its users which will be updated to Froyo. The schedule for updates is as follows:

  • Samsung Acclaim: End of next week
  • HTC Desire: by the end of January 2011
  • Samsung Mesmerize: In March
  • LG Apex: March

What users will find somewhat puzzling is why it will take US Cellular time up to March to update the Mesmerize and Apex phones, considering that manufacturers have pushed the update code to carriers. Android phone users will be relieved that they now have a definite date by which they can expect Froyo on their phones.

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