Windows Phone 7 Adverts Featuring HTC Mondrian

Written By Sam on 27 September 2010

While speculation is rife on the official release date for handsets running on Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 7 adverts featuring HTC Mondrian are grabbing eyeballs on YouTube. The ads essentially emphasize on how easy it is to stay connected while you are on the go, that is if you are equipped with a Window 7 handset. As against users on other OS that appear almost oblivious to their surroundings, engrossed as they remain on accessing information and data, the handsets with Window 7 are touted as a smarter choice.

The Mondrian is likely to be available in the US through AT&T. While most mobile operators are expected to carry Windows Phone 7 devices, they are tight-lipped about the model names.

Windows Phone 7 Ad Featuring HTC Mondrain

Windows Phone 7 Ad Featuring HTC Mondrain

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