New Applications Pack Windows Phone 7 Devices, Include Need for Speed Undercover, Twitter, Netflix

Written By Sam on 13 October 2010

So many phones and even more applications to check out and choose from. Microsoft has launched Windows Phone 7 and is now talking about applications that WP7 devices come packed in with. Let’s see what’s in store.


Tetris (EA) – Developed by EA Games, one of the oldest games having been a part of mobile phones and PCs, this game is ever popular and if you haven’t had a chance to try it out yet, then you needn’t wait longer as this game will be available this fall.

The Sim 3(EA) – Almost as close to the version available on the iPhone, though it comes with an Xbox live support and a slightly different screen resolution compared to the iPhone, also available this fall.

Monopoly (EA) – Keeping the classic game intact, this game is everybody’s favorite and you can make it yours this fall.

Need for Speed Undercover (EA) – If its EA Games, then it has to be NFS too, bringing in the Undercover version for racing game lovers.

Ilomilo (Southend Interactive) – You can download this game for free from the Windows Phone Marketplace. AT&T is providing this exclusively towards the year end and the screen shots from the Southend blog make it look all the more promising.


U-verse Mobile (AT&T) – This one’s not only a boon to U-verse subscribers who can use the preinstalled U-verse Mobile to schedule their DVRs and maybe download shows right to their phones for free, but AT&T is offering this service to anyone using the AT&T branded WP7 device for just $9.99 a month even though you’re not a U-verse user.

Slacker – Specifically for the HTC HD7 device on T-Mobile USA, and an alternative for those who aren’t willing to pay for the Zune Pass. It also integrates directly with the native Music Hub.

Netflix – In addition to queue management, Watch instantly will be supported. This application comes preinstalled in the HTC HD7.

T-Mobile TV – Another T-Mobile preloaded application. Will offer a selection of free programming from networks like ABC News NOW, FOX Sports, PBS Kids etc and live and on-demand shows will be available.

IMDb – for all the info on movies, this application is ready for use on the Windows Phone 7.


eBay – Expect the typical eBay feel which helps you check out auctions, make bids, keep track of your sales etc.

Fandango – Another hot download, being a movie centric application like Netflix.


Windows Phone 7 supports Twitter, though it won’t be available as a pre-loaded application like Windows Live or Facebook. This is expected to make it to the top downloads. It also seems to be one of the most complete versions of Twitter on a Mobile.

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