Windows Phone 7 TV Commercials “Really and Season of the Witch”

Written By Sam on 11 October 2010

With the launch of Windows Phone 7, Microsoft has planned advertising that pokes fun at the awkward moments our addiction to our phones can create. Though early versions of some of the ads have already leaked onto YouTube, the final ads will start rolling out first in Europe starting Oct. 12 and airing in the United States on Oct. 25. There are a a total of eight ads, with each playing a slightly different role. Two of the ads were designed to be really disruptive, break through the clutter and let people know something new is coming. Microsoft will quickly follow that up with six 30-second TV spots about the specific experiences that Windows Phone 7 enables: photos, People Hub, Xbox LIVE, Bing and two for the Start screen.

Windows Phone 7 Commercials

Really: A new television commercial shows some of the bad mobile phone behaviors Windows Phone 7 is designed to reduce as a phone to save ourselves from our phones:

Season of the Witch: A new television commercial for Windows Phone 7 looks at the mayhem created when people become so immersed in their phones that they stop paying attention to what’s going on around them.

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