Uninstall Adobe Flash Player Plug-in & ActiveX Control With Adobe Flash Player Uninstaller

Written By Sam on 14 August 2009

Because of the recent enhancements to the Adobe Flash Player installers, Adobe Flash Player plug-in and ActiveX control can now be uninstalled only with the Adobe Flash Player uninstaller. So if you have recently upgraded your Adobe Flash player and are facing any issues with it, then you can uninstall it only with the help of Adobe Flash Player uninstaller.


So in order to remove Flash Player plug-in and ActiveX control from your computer, you need to download and run the appropriate uninstaller available for Windows and MAC. You need to close all applications that use Flash including Internet Explorer or other browser windows, AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger or other Messengers. Running the uninstaller will remove Adobe Flash Player from all browsers on the system.

If you have any of the web browsers, instant messaging clients, stand alone SWF’s or projectors open, the uninstaller will complete but few files may not be deleted. If the files are not deleted then close all the programs and run the uninstaller again to ensure that all the files are removed. Adobe Flash Player uninstaller is the best tool to delete the Adobe Flash files from your computer.

Download Adobe Flash Player Uninstaller

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  1. Great Share, i always find difficulties doing these small thing. Good to see there are some tech geek like you out there who explain things for us.

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