Protect Your Privacy With Anonymous Browsing Using UltraSurf

Written By Sam on 14 July 2009

UltraSurf allows the Internet users to view all websites while protecting your privacy with anonymous surfing. UltraSurf will be useful for those who are living in countries which has got a heavy Internet censorship. UltraSurf constantly searches for high speed proxy servers without you even realizing the work done by it behind the scenes. UltraSurf has got cool features which allows 100% freedom and get you all the information which is been available online while keeping your identity anonymous. With UltraSurf you can easily browse all the social networking sites like Facebook, orkut, Youtube and Hi5 which have been blocked by many companies and universities.


Ultraurf also gives a safe shopping and online banking by a wonderful encryption system which guarantees your personal information. UltraSurf is available for free, it hides your IP address, provides fast proxies and has got an easy to use interface.

  • Download UltraSurf from UltraReach site and run u.exe.
  • Users can also switch between 3 proxy gateways to choose the fastest one.
  • To check your new IP you can visit or
  • When you need to return to your real IP just Exit from UltraSurf.

UltraSurf include “Green Tsunami” to remove “Green Dam”. Green Dam is a censorship software that is installed on PCs in China. Firefox users need to download the firefox add-on apart from the UltraSurf software.

Note : Though UltraSurf is a safe application some antivirus and antispyware programs flag UltraSurf as being infected/malware(false positive).

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    UltraSurf allows the Internet users to view all websites while protecting your privacy

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