Personalize Windows 7 Logon Screen With Logon Screen [Freeware Download]

Written By Sam on 27 September 2010

If you are like customizing your computer’s look and feel for a more personalized experience, this news is for you. While there are many users who love to have their welcome screen customized, many are put off by the process of actually doing it because it is a tedious process even requiring till registry hacks. However, there is a program that claims to make this easy for you. Called Logon Screen, the freeware integrates into Windows and is reportedly easy to use.

Once the program is installed, you have the option of browsing for a picture of your choice, and thereby customizing your welcome screen. You can also add certain advanced options to the screen. And if you wish to know who last logged on, the program comes in handy. There are more features thrown in like enabling or disabling the shut down button and even showing a message to users before they log on. So, if you want your PC to display your personal taste and also have a few more features on your start menu, download this software. And as we said already, it’s free too.

Download Logon Screen

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