Completely Remove/Un-install MSN Mesenger From Your PC With WLMUninstaller

Written By Sam on 3 September 2009

I have many of my friends who use MSN Messenger extensively, but there are people like me who use MSN Messenger very rarely. So I was looking for different ways to remove MSN Messenger and found a free Windows Live Messenger Uninstaller. If you do not like to use MSN Messenger or you want to install an old version of WLM then you can use the WLMUninstall tool to remove MSN Messenger from your computer.


MSN WLM Uninstaller is just 225KB and requires no installation. The other good things is that WLMUninstaller doesn’t require the .NET Framework also. All you have to do is just download the utility and click uninstall button to completely remove MSN Messenger from your PC.

Download WLMUninstaller v1.0

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