Defrag and Repair Windows Registry With Quicksys RegDefrag [Freeware Download]

Written By Sam on 15 August 2010

It is a common practice to format our PC’s so that they become faster. The reason for the system slowing down is that certain registries are loaded into the system on installing new softwares. These registries are stored in the system’s hard disk and hence they occupy some amount of disc space. During system start up, these registries slow down the system and thereby increase the response time. These registries remain even when the software’s are uninstalled.

Now, these registries can be deleted using various tools, so that PC becomes faster. Another option is to compress the registries of the softwares installed in the system. The compression is accomplished by a tool known as Quicksys Regdefrag. The compressed registries do not pose much of a problem as they occupy very little space.

Quicksys Regdefrag Features

  • Minimal Crashes and errors related to applications and Operation System
  • Reduction in the application’s response time
  • Reduction in the system’s start up time, resulting in faster system.

When you start the defragmentation process for the registries, this tool will first check the amount of free disk space that will be available once the registries are compressed. Based on this you can choose to defragment it or not. If you want to go ahead with the process, this tool will remove the gaps between the registries of the softwares and free up certain amount of disk space.

Download Quicksys RegDefrag

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