Disable CD and DVD Tray Auto Eject Feature in Windows Vista With Disable Auto Eject

Written By Sam on 16 August 2010

Windows Vista users are annoyed by a feature where in when you click on the CD or DVD drive icon the tray ejects out if there is no CD or DVD in the drive. This is a little annoying thing and is not present in either Windows 7 or XP. But you can solve this little annoying thing by using Disable Auto Eject. Disable Auto Eject is a small application for disabling the CD/DVD tray auto eject feature in windows vista, when the user click on the CD/DVD drive icon, and there is no CD/DVD in the drive.

Disable Auto Eject doesn’t require any installation but requires .NET Framework to be present on your computer. You need to have administrator privileges to use the application and will have to log-out / restart for the change to take effect.

Alternatively you can also disable “Auto Ejecting” feature in Vista by turning off the built-in CD/DVD burning feature.

Download Disable Auto Eject

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