Comodo Dragon Internet Browser Based on Chromium With Greater Stability and Less Memory Bloat

Written By Sam on 23 March 2010

Internet is the most powerful medium of information with various Internet browsers acting as primary sources for bringing-in information resources to the users in current world of web. Recent days, the world of Internet has seen many versatile as well as enhanced browsers that include Google Chrome, Opera 10, FireFox, IE8 and many more and now adding to the cart is yet another new super-fast and highly secure web-browser called the “Comodo Dragon“. Comodo Dragon browser is from the Comodo group, a world’s leading online security, and trust Assurance Company that offer computer software and SSL certificate products.

With increasing Malware and malicious software that increase the vulnerability of the computers, the users now require a much-secured browser that provides a greater level of privacy and security. Comodo Dragon Internet Browser is one such stable browser that provides users fast surfing as well as enhanced security and privacy settings than the other browsers available in the market. This browser comes with an Incognito Mode that stops Cookies thus improvising the privacy of the users.

In order to download “Comodo Dragon” browser, you will require a 32-bit Windows 7, Vista or XP operating system with 128 MB RAM and 40 MB of Hard Disk Space.

Features of Comodo Dragon Internet Browser

  • Faster surfing with great website Access
  • Enhanced Privacy setting over Chromium
  • SSL Certificate Identification
  • Stable browser with Less Memory Bloat
  • Incognito Mode that prevents Cookies thus Improvising the Privacy
  • Easy to toggle from current Browser to Dragon

Download Comodo Dragon Internet Browser

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