Download Comodo Programs Manager – Freeware Windows Tweaker, Software and Driver Un-Installer

Written By Sam on 1 August 2010

Comodo Programs Manager, a free software that is designed to manage Windows operating system by providing various invaluable tools is now available for download. Comodo Programs Manager not only provides a summary of number of programs and drivers installed on your system and the total space occupied by them but also enables users to view the number of Windows updates installed as well as available.

Comodo Programs Manager includes four sections – Programs, Drivers and Services, Windows Features, Windows Updates. The Programs module allows users to uninstall or repair programs installed on their computer, users can automatically backup the application before uninstalling as well by turning on the feature from the Settings manager. Drivers and Services module enables users to uninstall unwanted drivers or services from your computer wherein the Windows Features and updates can also be performed using the respective tabs.

Comodo Programs Manager not only has capabilities to automatically remove or unlock locked files and system reboot but also provides a real time cloud based Malware Scanner that scans computer every time a setup is started providing an additional protective layer besides your regular anti-virus application. Comodo Programs Manager works with Windows XP and newer operating systems as well. Providing vivid invaluable tools for program and driver’s un-installation, windows tweaker, malware scanner, and Windows updates manager, Comodo Programs Manager is currently available for download. If you want to try this amazing program manager, then download it today!

Download Comodo Programs Manager

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