Download Flow – ChromiumOS Build With Best Hardware Support, Auto Updater and Webcam Support

Written By Sam on 15 August 2010

Flow is the most recent in the line of the popular ChromiumOS builds by Hexxeh. It is certainly the best build till date with a host of features and support.

Flow Features

  • Ability to rearrange, delete or add apps with User-customizable menus
  • Updates are provided automatically via the Velocity engine
  • nVidia GPU support that can power through 720P and 1080P YouTube content
  • Realtek RTL8187SE support with RTL8192E updates coming soon.
  • Audio and Flash fix
  • Bookmark Sync and Power indicator fix
  • Battery life enhancement.
  • Increased image size to 2GB to support additional hardware.
  • Webcam support
  • Improved application menu & directory

The download size of this new build is 327 MB, so it can conveniently be carried around in portable USB drive of 2GB capacity.

ChromiumOS is a lightweight, super fast OS for your Netbook, laptop or even desktop. It operates in the familiar environment of Chromium/Chrome and presents you the entire web at your fingertips in seconds. It supports HTML5 & Flash and allows you to have a great web experience.

Download Flow

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