Improve Your Website/Blog SERP’s With IIS Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Toolkit

Written By Sam on 9 June 2009

If you are running your website over IIS then Search Engine Optimization Toolkit for IIS will be very helpful. The IIS Search Engine Optimization (SEO) toolkit helps Web developers, hosting providers and Web Server administrators in improving Web Site SERP ranking by making the content more search engine-friendly. So if you are looking for good rankings in search engines then you should better try SEO toolkit for IIS.


The IIS SEO toolkit mainly includes 3 modules

  • Site analysis module.
  • The robots Exclusion module.
  • Sitemaps and Site Indexes Module.

Site Analysis Module: With Site Analysis module users can analyze local and external websites for the purpose of optimizing the web site content, structure and URLs. This will help the search engine crawlers to crawl your site very effectively. Site Analysis will help you to find broken links, duplicate content issues and performance issues. This module can also be used to discover common problems in the site’s content which might negatively affect the visitors experience.

Features of Site Analysis

  • Fully features crawl engine named “iisbot”
  • Displays detailed information about each URL
  • It has configurable limits for analysis, maximum number of downloads and maximum number of kilobytes to download per URL.
  • It supports Robots.txt, with which you can customize the locations where the iisbot should analyze leaving behind the locations to be ignored.
  • You can view detailed summary of website analysis results through a rich dashboard, and it features rich query Builder interface exposing large amount of data.

Robot Exclusion Module: This controls the search engines access with the help of robots.txt file. This module enables website owners to manage the robot.txt file from within the IIS Manager interface. By disallowing the search engine crawlers, this module controls the indexing of specified URLs. Users can choose how to view their sites using either physical or logical hierarchical view and then from within this view, users can choose to disallow specific files and folders of web applications. Users can avoid typing mistakes by using the graphical interface and you can even manually enter and modify the selected paths.

Features of Robot Exclusion

  • User friendly interface displays robots.txt cile contents.
  • It supports filtering, grouping and sorting.
  • It has the ability to disallow and allow the paths using physical and logical view of the website.
  • Sitemap locations can also be added.

The Sitemaps and Site Indexes Module: With this the website owners can manage the sitemap files and sitemap indexes on the site, applications and folder level which helps to keep the search engine up to date. The most important URLs are listed and are ranked in Sitemap.xml file which doesn’t contain any broken links. This module informs the search engines about the locations which are available for indexing.

Features of Sitemaps and Site Indexes

  • Displays sitemaps and sitemap index files in a simple user interface, and its supports sorting and grouping of files.
  • You can add/remove/edit the sitemap and sitemap index files.
  • Users can also add URLs using physical and logical view of the website.

Download IIS Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Toolkit

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