Download MeeGo v1.0 for In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) Based on Linux kernel 2.6.33 and Qt 4.6

Written By Sam on 4 August 2010

MeeGo, a merger of Intel’s Moblin platform and Nokia’s Maemo, is on its way to become the standard Linux distribution for various embedded or specialized systems. MeeGo has already made available versions for mobile phones and Netbooks. And now it has forayed into a version for cars with the release of “MeeGo for In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) 1.0”. The MeeGo for IVI 1.0 comes with partial support for hardware and few proof-of-concept applications, in its early build. However, with the support expressed by the automobile industry, MeeGo is destined to be the preferred In-Vehicle Infotainment Operating system.

We are pleased to present this 1.0 release of MeeGo for IVI. As part of this release, we are including a sample IVI Home Screen and taskbar, using the included Qt framework, and designed with Automotive Center Console HMI requirements in mind. We have also included some automotive specific middleware components and a few sample applications, including sample navigation program (Navit) and a sample dialer application (BT-HFP Dialer) which uses Bluetooth and a paired phone,” the official announcement read.

Highlights of MeeGo For IVI

  • Linux Kernel version 2.6.33
  • Qt version 4.6
  • DeviceKit and udev – for hardware support
  • Universal Plug and Play (gUPnP)
  • Launching and managing applications enabled through a home screen and a taskbar
  • a sample navigation applet – Navit
  • BT-HFP Dialer – sample Bluetooth dialer application
  • Network connections managed through UI
  • Mozilla Fennec – QT-based web browser for IVI
  • Open-source automotive packages to provide support for audio management, persistent storage management, resource management, system health management and CE device management

MeeGo v1.0 for IVI will run on Atom based in-vehicle infotainment systems and has been tested on Intel Russellville eMenlow systems and Intel Crown Bay Tunnel Creek systems. But the good news is that MeeGo has been the chosen by the GENIVI Alliance, which includes car manufacturers like BMW, GM and Peugeot-Citroen, as the next reference release for IVI, Linux Foundation, supervising this project informed.

Download MeeGo For IVI

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