Lyrics Plugin – Add-on To View Lyrics in WinAmp or Windows Media Player

Written By Sam on 26 June 2010

Are you a music buff who loves humming songs whilst listening to them and who always delves the database looking for the lyrics of the favorite songs to sing along, then this one is certainly designed for you. A new plugin called Lyrics Plugin is now available for Windows Media Player and WinAmp that enables you to view the lyrics on the go.

Designed for music lovers, Lyrics Plugin is a piece of software that enables users to view as well as add lyrics to their favorite songs in WinAmp or Windows Media Player. Lyrics Plugin automatically display the lyrics of the songs being played in these players thus avoiding lyric search for the listeners. This plugin works well with all the English songs but we are unsure about the other languages. Lyrics Plugin is a free software plugin that can be downloaded from the official website and it just takes few minutes to install. So install Lyrics Plugin now and sing along!

Download Lyrics Plugin for Windows Media Player
Download Lyrics Plugin for WinAmp

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