Remove Unwanted Software, Toolbars and Trial Offers From Brand New Laptops and PCs With SlimComputer

Written By Sam on 20 September 2010

New computers usually come pre-loaded with promotional Software, Toolbars and Trial Offers. If you want to get rid of all those crappy stuff then you can try out SlimComputer. SlimComputer uses crowd-sourced feedback to make optimization recommendations for your computer. It removes unneeded programs, start-up entries and services and slims down your new machine to make it run fast and clean like it’s supposed to. SlimComputer first scans for applications that are not required including toolbars, startup items and shortcuts in your new computer. It then assesses which items to safely remove from the computer for a more optimized performance. The assessment is real time and is made through community feedback using cloud technology. The program also has an ‘Optimizer’ feature that automatically suggests programs to be removed from startup based on such feedback.

An ‘Uninstaller’ feature in SlimComputer displays a list of programs with ratings ‘Good’, ‘Unrated’ and ‘Optional’. Selecting which ones to remove is, of course, the user’s discretion. The ‘Restore’ option helps a user to retrieve an item that may have been inadvertently deleted. In fact, ‘Restore’ in SlimComputer allows to undo all changes done to PC with single click. SlimComputer is in Beta stage and runs on windows 7, Vista and XP. So if you have got a brand new PC or a Laptop then I suggest you to install SlimComputer right now!

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