Xbox Live Interface Gets Social-themed Revamp; Supports Cross-Platform Play between Xbox, WP7 and Web Users

Written By Sam on 21 October 2010

Users of Microsoft’s popular Xbox Live service may have noticed a revamped interface with the central theme being social networking. Microsoft has changed the interface and added features such as a browser-based avatar creator and even web games. According to Major Nelson, spokesperson from the Xbox Team, these new, unannounced web games can be played over Xbox Live on either the new website or on Windows Phone 7.

Microsoft will support cross-platform play between Xbox, Windows Phone 7 and web users — a first for the platform. Being and online extension of the gaming console, it would be reasonable to expect that these games would be more than just a way to pass time, tracking players achievements and high scores and allowing players to compete with one another.

With the upcoming release of Kinect, the wireless controller for the Xbox 360, new features like an improved search, better browsing, Windows Phone 7 and more parental monitoring have also been added. Now available are the ability to Tweet and connect directly to most popular social networks like Facebook and MySpace. A unified message centre for messages, friend requests and game requests has also been announced. The additional features for families are to be expected since the new controller-free gaming system Kinect will launch for Xbox 360 in two weeks time and Microsoft is hoping that the new controller will attract newer gamers to the console gaming experience.

The marketplace search functionality has also been revamped, with Microsoft claiming that the search has been made more powerful and filtering results been made easier.

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