Internet Explorer 9 Third Platform Preview Availble For Test Drive

Written By Sam on 24 June 2010

Today I received a mail from the Microsoft Corp. and thought of sharing the information with you all. As per the mail, Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview 3 (PP3) is ready for test drive! Yeah. You got me right! The most awaited IE9 PP3 is now available via IE Test Drive Site for all the developers and you can happily have a glimpse at the next version of world’s most popular Web browser. Powerful and faster than ever, IE9 is expected to surpass all user expectations by providing lightening Web experience.

Including many new tools and enhanced hardware support, IE9 makes web more enriched. With GPU-powered Canvas & GPU-powered audio and video functions, IE9 features a new JavaScript engine that enables enhanced web experience. Internet Explorer 9 will also add on endless possibilities for creating rich, powerful Web applications along with a new avatar for “”, making it more user-friendly, light, and agile to accomplish tasks at an ease.

Features of IE 9 at a Sneak Peak

  • IE9 implements a new JavaScript engine and utilizes the complete PC thus bringing the next class of experiences for the web.
  • With partnership with NVIDIA and AMD/ATI, Internet Explorer 9 comes with solid GPU-CPU compatibility. Powered by GPU canvas and GPU <audio>, <video> features IE9 moves the browser from running on a crowded, single CPU to the fast, spacious GPU.
  • IE9 adds new tools that enable developers to create rich, standards-compliant, interoperable Web applications at an ease
  • Including expanded support for HTML5, hardware-accelerated graphics, and text, and a new JavaScript engine, IE9 allows developers to deliver graphically and functionally rich Web applications that utilize modern PC hardware through a modern operating system.

This combination of the enhanced web browser and powerful hardware support is a wonderful effort by Microsoft to make today’s web better and in near future, we may even see a extraordinary transition in the web experience. You never know! Nevertheless, for now, its time to try the latest web browser and re-image the web with its enhanced browsing features. Download the new avatar of IE today and relish its new look!

Internet Explorer 9 PP3 Test Drive

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