Leaked Windows 8 Docs Show Instant-On Boot, Facial Recognition and New Improved UI

Written By Sam on 29 June 2010

Microsoft is still busy with Windows 7 but looks like they have already on the path to work on Windows 8. A leaked document on Windows 8 says that Microsoft Windows 8 will be coming up with many significant features like instant boot functionality, automatic display brightness adjustment, facial recognition for user identification and enhanced media display accompanied with 3D and Wireless TV.

Some of the major concern areas of Windows 8 are boot timings. Instant boot functionality and resuming your system much faster are key areas in Windows 8. All the activities will be done at a faster pace, whether you surf the web or perform any other activity, it will happen in a few milliseconds. This sounds really great, but Windows 8 has much more premium features like – Adjustable display brightness feature which automatically changes the brightness according to the brightness of the room. The facial recognition is used to identify the person who uses the system and logging can be done automatically.

Attention Tracking is another interesting feature in Windows 8, this feature pauses the application when unattended. Windows 8 also supports faster devices using latest technologies like Bluetooth 3.0 and USB 3.0, apart from this App Store will also be included in Windows 8. Windows 8 with all these features will be very useful to the users across the globe. Further, it is also known from the sources that Microsoft is working on hard drive encryption in Windows 8.

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