Prevent Virus Infections via USB Devices With KillAutorun for Windows 7, Vista and XP

Written By Sam on 8 February 2010

It is very common these days to carry viruses along with important data in USB devices. Most of the times autorun is used by computer virus to infect other computer via these removable drives. This problem is more common in Windows XP as the autorun.inf file is executed automatically. It’s better on Vista and Windows 7 as the autorun file is not executed without user approval. But you can use KillAutorun to solve all your problems.

Features of KillAutorun for Windows XP

  • Disables automatic execution of autorun.inf when you insert a removable device.
  • Deletes autorun.inf file automatically from the removable drive upon insertion to prevent accidental invocation of autorun script by double-clicking drive’s icon from Windows Explorer.
  • Automatically creates a special folder named ‘AUTORUN.INF’ that cannot be deleted to prevent creation of malicious autorun script by malware.

KillAutorun is recommended for all XP users who often use USB drives. Download the installer marked with ‘static’ if you don’t have Visual Studio C++ Runtime Library Version 9 installed or if the other installer fails.

Download KillAutorun

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