Windows 7 Loader – Crack to Bypass Activation of Windows 7 SP1 Available For Download

Written By Sam on 2 August 2010

Microsoft had released a cracks killer refresh called Windows Activation Technologies (WAT), earlier this year. The software major had made it available as an update to its clientele running the RTM Build 7600 of the OS. The Windows Activation Technologies, containing activation and validation components, was intended to render useless at least 70 dangerous activation hacks for the RTM Build 7600 of the operating system, designed to circumvent the activation process of the Operating system. This anti-crack update WAP for Windows 7 (KB 971033) will also be included in the yet to be released Windows 7 SP1.

Microsoft claims that this upgrade when installed can identify fake licensed copies of Windows 7. Additionally, it offers protection against the menace of counterfeit software and contains anti-piracy features. This Windows Activation Technologies Update for Windows 7 was also made available through Microsoft’s Microsoft Download Center and Windows Genuine website.

However, all the claims of the new update WAT being a crack killer have been disproved, with the Windows 7 crack available for download from various websites. This crack called the “Windows 7 Loader“, provides a workaround that effectively bypasses the activation process. The Windows 7 loader is specifically designed to render “Windows Activation Technologies” ineffective. This is achieved by injecting a SLIC (Software Licensing Description Table) into the Windows 7 system prior to the Windows boot process. This will effectively bypass the activation process and authorize the OS off as genuine. Moreover, it constantly updates the activation crack in line with Microsoft’s constant monitoring of illegal workarounds.

The authors of Windows 7 loader also claim that this crack will work with the windows SP1 as well. It is available for download from various websites like Torrent trackers and Warez that host illegal content.

With the Microsoft set to release Windows 7 SP1 sometime in the first quarter of 2011, Windows 7 loader is one activation exploit that the crack killer WAT will have to try to “kill”!!

Note: This article is written for Educational and Informational purposes only and we at TechHail do not encourage you to use illegal or cracked Software.

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