Amazon Kindle Gets a Price Drop! Kindle Now Available At $189!!

Written By Sam on 22 June 2010

If you are planning to buy a eBook reader, then its the best time to get the Kindle as Amazon has dropped the price of Amazon Kindle to $189 from $259. Amazon Kindle is the best e-reader found across the market and this kindle price drop from $259 to $189 will definitely be going to attract more users. Kindle is a 3G wireless portable reader which let the user to read most of the books in less than 60 seconds. Kindle is similar to a book which you can read from anywhere, but comes with additional features which you may not find in normal book. Further Amazon had mentioned that over 60,000 books are available with Kindle store, almost all the collections which people love to read including 109 of 112 New York Times Bestsellers and New Releases starting from $9.99. Kindle store offers much more which includes over 1.8 million free, out-of-copyrights, pre-1923 books.

Post the release of kindle, it has been the #1 best selling product in spite of millions items sold on Amazon. Kindle is just 10.2 ounce so that the users can read any ebook by holding it in a single hand. You can also carry this in sunlight since e-ink screen allows you to read in the bright light too. Kindle is a 3G wireless device without monthly fees or annual contracts. Amazon Kindle is in stock and available for immediate shipment at the new lower price of $189.

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