Sciphone i9+++ – New Java Based Apple iPhone Clone From China

Written By Sam on 16 August 2009

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Sciphone i9+ + + is a new Chinese iPhone clone for the popular Apple iPhone. Sciphone i9+ + + is a quadband mobile and is Java-based. It doesn’t have the Apple iPhone OS. The mobile just replicates the UI of Apple iPhone as well as the design of the original Apple device. It just has a Java App that mimics the iPhone UI. The biggest drawback is that this Sciphone does not support English. Sciphone has an built-in accelerometer and also got dual-SIM support.


Sciphone has a 3.2-inch touchscreen display, 8GB of memory, FM radio capabilities and two Li-ion 1200mah batteries. Java is pre-installed on the phone and there are also some Java Games. This phone comes with some text-writing applications. It also contains media player and recorder, and offers out-of-the-box MMS support. Sciphone is available for $112.


Features of Sciphone i9+ + +(Apple iPhone Clone)

  • Frequency: Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900 GSM for worldwide use
  • Dimension: weight:125g, size:110*60*10.5mm
  • Display: High-Res TFT display, 260K colors, 240×320 pixel resolution, 3.2 inch touch screen, Exclusive user interface, themes and styles
  • Digital zoom, image viewer, video player, video recorder, CMOS sensor, audio player, sound recorder, integrated SVGA camera 0.3 megapixels.
  • Supports SMS and MMS
  • Memory Card: 8GB
  • Connectivity and Data Transfer: Bluetooth 2.0, USB Cable 2.0, GPRS class 10 and WAP 2.0
  • Language: French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Tieng Viet, Turkce and Chinese
  • Battery, Talk and Standby Time Battery: Long Talk time: 180-220 mins, Long Standby time:180-200 hours
  • Extra Features: Calendar, games, Wap, Calculator, Alarm, World Clock, E-book Reader, Unit Converter, Currency Converter and many more.
  • Media: Polyphonic (MIDI) tones w/up to 64 voices, MP3 ring tones, Video recording and streaming, Digital music player and Melody composer.

250 Responses to “Sciphone i9+++ – New Java Based Apple iPhone Clone From China”

  1. Занимательная статья. Краткость явно Ваша сестра 😉

  2. samone says:

    how do activate or install the java into it. or what msn email and password. I love the phone

  3. macky says:

    i want vodafone india gprs settings for sciphone i9+++

  4. vip.spider says:

    the game in my sciphone i9+++ Chinese
    didnt work and need installing java , waht I can do


  5. amitashojha says:

    i have got a new one. When i put a vodafone sim in that it shows the network but also shows invalid sim. when i try to make a call it says could not connect. What could be a reason. do i have to unlock it like any other iphone in india. if yes then what is the method. can any suggest

  6. Fithax says:

    1) Comment afficher la date et heure sur l’écran phone i9+++
    2) j’aimerais utiliser le menu mail il demande un mot de passe phone comment savoir ce mot de passe i9+++?

  7. martin maddick says:

    i need firmware for sciphone i9+++ please help

  8. Gemma says:

    I have the i9+++ iphone, when i try to download a mms i get message ‘GPRS not subscribed’ i am o2…how can i view my picture message?? Help?!!

    • sharon says:

      hi Gemma, Same here…did you find a answer how to get on the internet?? please e-mail me thanks Sharon x

      • Alex says:

        Hey i got an i9 as well. im having them problems to have you fixed yours yet. if you did or any one can email me the information.

      • rick says:

        Hey sharon –
        I’m having the same problem. Did you obtain the proper information to connect to the internet?? If so, would you PLEASE!! Email me the information. I’m about to throw thing thang against the wall. 4 days still don’t have it. Please contact ricky at rickjohnaon1@tmail.come

    • kriss says:

      SMS (TEXT)
      CONNECTION TYPE: HTTP press select
      PROXY PORT: 8080


      • jill says:

        Hi have been trying to set up mms settings but when i go into data account and try to edit it wont let me change any of the ones already there can you help I am with vodafone and live in melbourne and also do you know settings for gprs or are they the same as i have seen for other countries

      • widhieraden says:

        do you have the GPRS & the MMS setting for sciphone i9+++ in indonesia? please help me for i can’t make it work with my provider regular setting. also please inform me how to install the java into this phone…please i need help

      • s says:

        hi i treid to set up mms but when it come to data accoung and u select that than it says GSM DATA OR GPRS… no where it say VP WAP all it says is China Mobile GPRS…i live in Port Macquaire NSW Australia…pliz help is needed and i cant go to facebook either tried downloading the link but it doesnt help..
        thanx ss

    • ricky says:

      Hey sharon. Same problem. Did you get it solved. If hit me at rickjohnson@tmail.come thanks

    • whitedevil says:

      Here’s how it works. MMS works when the GPRS is activated. So, you need to have the handset settings of your phone for your GPRS to work. Go to your near by Network provider..for instance…here in the Philippines..we have Globe…Suncellular…Smart…etc. Ask for the instructions on how to get the handset settings for gprs to activate or try to search it as well on the net. So far, my internet & wap works.

    • ang says:

      hi hid u gt any luck with mms for 02?thanx

    • phil says:

      Hi heres the foolprof way of getting your MMS and WAP setting sent dirctley to your phone it’s been tested and works 100% you can even have email client setting sent to your mobile if it’s installed on your handset. Just go to

      You can thank me later.

  9. stephen says:

    i just bought your iphone, when some games i want to play, show instal java, what kind of java i have to instal? there is 1 game can play, please replay

  10. budawrek says:

    Will this phone work with the carrier Simple Mobile

  11. burj francisco says:

    how to install java game or activate

  12. felix says:

    how to install java… like this phone

  13. Tamara says:

    HELP i’m in australia and i can’t get MMS messages when i go to download them it says “GPRS not subscribed” Please help

  14. karl says:

    hi im haveing the same problems with gprs settings i think the only way around this is to get a chinese networking sim but if you find a diffrent solution please email me on

  15. john says:

    Hi. every time that I try to send apicture I get the progress bar going to 99% then a window which says SERVER TIMEDOUT
    any ideas as why this is happening

    • Samrat P says:

      where escatly are you trying to send a picture? Is it from a PC to your phone?

    • Linda says:

      if you mean mms, you probably haven’t configured the settings for your service provider. YOu need to go to the website of your provider and set it up, or phone them to do it. They send settings via sms and you just instal when it comes. Then it will work. You can’t tell them it’s for sciphone, they won’t help you with China phones. You have to tell the it is for Nokia 2610. Those settings work for Cent phones.

  16. john says:

    Hi samrat I am trying to send from phone to phone

  17. Rachel says:

    I can’t even get mine to turn on. Is there a typical reason why?

    • you might be wrong for sim card put or MMC that’s a bit difficulty my customer did it wrong some time.

    • Anthony says:

      for the sim i read the i9+++ only works with optus. and the memory card, use a microSD. im lucky i had both and both optus sim and MicroSD work brilliantly

      • diana says:

        Hi Im with optus and cant get on the net says I need the gprs rang optus they wouldnt help could you please send me the settings for internet maNY THANKS

      • Linda says:

        Diana, I noticed with Optus they disconnect your gprs on your phone plan until you click to authorise consent for any additional expenses you rack up. You have to then click activate in your account on their website.

  18. I don’t think GPRS is the problem that is only the opening from system in each country.

    But, the most thing importance is the install Java. I ‘m finding for that. anyone know pls. tell me!

    • md.emon says:

      hi,i got my sci phone i9+++ a few month ago but i cannot seem to get any games,java install or internet access on it.can someone help me short it out plz…

  19. Bev says:

    Hi, are you all having problems setting up your gprs and mms? i have set mine up fine and it runs ok, does any need help, email me and i can send you the settings for most networks.

  20. Bev says:

    sorry can only help people in the UK

  21. Anthony says:

    hey everyone, for people having trouble with mms, gprs, and wap settings try out this site. i activated my settings for optus.

  22. China is making some really good clones now. I recently bought one and it was simply amazing. You can’t tell if it’s a clone.

  23. sammy says:

    I have just recieved a sciphone i9 from china off e bay.. the phone is picking up that i am on 02 but is saying i have an invalid sim card..
    any ideas how to resolve this problem or if it is possible for me to use another network for this phone to work ?

    Thanks samantha

  24. Eknath says:

    pl send me gprs setting for apple iphone china

  25. jonny says:

    can any body help i got one of these phones a couple days b4 christmas and the charger wont work i think i put into my pc and nothing happens not sure if it is the battery or not reply plz iff it has happend to any1 else

    • diana says:


  26. scooby says:

    Tenho um sciphne i9+++ e estou com um problema envio sms mas nao recebo os sms nem nenhuma informacao que recebi sms no meu telemovel no entanto o telemovel que me enviou o sms no relatorio diz entregue se alguem tiver solucao coloque aqui ou envie para o meu mail

  27. andreas says:

    Παρακαλω αν καποιος γνωριζει τις ρυθμισεις για Κινεζικο TVphone με Vodafone στην Ελλαδα

  28. Joe Vicic says:

    I have a sci i9+++ phone how can I set the time in am – pm instead of the 24 hour mode.

    • jessica says:

      i dont think you can change it, thats what im reading. but military time is easy and just about all job sites use it. sorry

    • Darren says:

      Click SETTINGS>PHONE SETUP>TIME AND DATE>SET FORMAT>TIME (24 is military time, 12 would be for am/pm, select 12)
      click OK, then go BACK to main screen

      Hope this helps!

  29. sarah says:

    The pinphone 3gs is a way better iphone clone than this one!
    most of the cect phones use settings of the nokia 2610 and sony ericsson k850i and pixon

    • Robert says:


      I would like to buy a pinphone 3gs to use in New Zealand. Would you know where I can get one and how much please? Also where the specifications are on the internet and if it has gps on it? Thanks. Robert

  30. Lynn says:

    I have just got a i9 sciphone that I had purchased. The problem is the clock is set as beijing and I would like to change the local time to my time zone Chicago would work. Does anyone know how to do this?

    • Rajiv says:

      Tap on settings and then General settings and then Time and Date, next page you will find Set Home city, tap it, and Voila….

  31. rachel Hillger says:

    I can not get my sim card 2 to bring up phone numbers and am annoyed please help!! does it need to be in sim spot 1?

  32. pmock says:

    would like to know where to get the firmware update to english for my sci phone

  33. Rajiv says:

    I am able to read only a few lines of SMS, can anyone tell me how I can scroll down.

    Also if someone can tell me how to change the theme, so that I can get rid of the SMS reading problem

  34. seider says:

    i have SciPhone i9 but wap dont work my carier is (simple mobile) any one know the setting for it

  35. korner Trinidad says:

    Mira compre un iphone clone de china, 3gs 32gb un locked cuando lo recibe no estaba desploquedo como decia el anucio. tu me puede decir cual es el software que debo utilizar para desbloquearlo “Unlocked” se puede utilizar el jailbraker unlocked 3.1.2

  36. LCOOK says:


    • ricky says:

      Did you every find out how to connect your phone to at&t network to access the web? If so, could you please contact me at rickjohnson@tamil.come


      Thank you

      • pradeep kumar says:

        i have sciphone dual sim,if i insert sim ,it didn’t found the sim card so that i unable to make&dial calls ,for that what i have to do,,weathet i have to unlock my mobile or not if unlock means how it is possible ,any online links or software is thier anyone pls clarify me( i am waiting for sciphone experience)

  37. Sharon says:

    I have an i9+++, have connected ok with the internet, but will often come up insufficent memory when it is an 8gb, memory card is inserted….also would like to get iphone apps and chance possible??

    • deb says:

      hi ive got the same problem have you managed to find out how to do it

    • Paul says:

      Hi Sharon,

      How did you get the setting for your sciphone?
      I have a problem getting the right setting?

      • gull says:

        hi i am having the same problem when im downloading music from the internet it says i dont have enough memory although it says on the back “16GB” pppppplllllllllleeeeeeeaaaasssssssse help me someone ……… anyone if someone got a solution pleeeeaaase e-mail me on i know its rubish but still .
        pleeeaassse =)

    • quickdrawmcpaul says:

      I could use a driver or app to connect phone to pc. And to transfer files from pc to phone. Any suggestions?

  38. MIRANDA says:

    i cant get the time set right on my i9+++, its clocking in military time alomst and there is no way to set am or pm HELP! and how to get a bigger keyboard for texting!! thanks!

  39. manoj says:

    hi,i have does’t supporting any java games which is preinstalled in it.just tell me how to support these games.
    and also tell me the GPRS activation procedure.

  40. fahad says:


    I have Sciphone I9+++ iphone china i want to change the theme.
    if any one knows how can i change this please send the method to my email address…

  41. Paul says:

    Hi everybody,

    I have i9+++ iphone but can’t seem to get the right setting to access the internet.
    Can anybody help?

  42. Leopardihe says:

    Помогите, получила телефон, а он каждые 15 минут вырубается.

  43. marcel says:

    please please help me!!!!
    i need to find out what infot to put into my sciphone i bouth on ebay. i cant get my internet to work and after asking someone at t-mobile for help they said they dont know the model and make and that they can help me. i need to know what phones setting i can use that would work on my sciphone. please please help. can someone tell me what info to put in. i need all the detail to get my phone internet capable. please help

  44. Jagan says:

    i want Air tel india gprs settings for sciphone i9+++

  45. Ryan says:

    I have purchase an I9+++ phone, does anyone know how I can setup to receive emails????????

  46. amit says:

    hi i like it is a very good

  47. bean says:

    how do u get the phone to let u know how is sending u a msg it doesnt cum up with the name just the number

    • charlie says:

      hi you need to put extra phone nummbers in ie the normal 07s then put +44 instead of the zero so each contact has two numbers

  48. Ezza says:

    How do you get rid off the apps that were already on there and when you click them it says to install it???

    Also can you get iPhone apps on there or any other ones??

  49. ui says:

    hi pls contact me at 81161808 i want to buy the phone

  50. nelly says:

    Salut à tous !!!

    Comment installer JAVA sue mon sciphone i9+++ ???? Merci, ca m’aiderai beaucoup !!!

  51. toba says:

    my sciphone didn’t come with microSD

  52. lloyd says:

    hi…i am from india(mumbai)..wen i insert both sim cards in my sciphone 19+++ it shows me invalid sim…hw do i fix this…i want to use it for my tata docomo card and vodafone card…plz help me…

    • solomon says:

      same here anurag…d only difference is mine is a vodafone connection…any success????

      • Sudhir says:

        Hey guyz.. probable you have inserted the sime in the wrong direction. This was what has happened in my case. Try changing the side. Don’t go to the direction embedded on the case.

  53. pete says:

    hi i have i9+++ but can not display facebook or live mail in english does any one know if this can be done ??? i have a file manager that gets into phone settings but cannot find any files within phone to delete it i also have settings for o2 wap if any one wants them email me i will mail u settings

  54. roxy says:

    i have one and i wont to put it on 12 hour time not 24 howdo i change it

  55. stix2006 says:

    hi i just bought a sciphone i9 but ant seem to find service. i am on south coast of australia can anyone help me im with telstra and optus

  56. sukhpreet says:

    hi…i am from india(mumbai)..wen i insert both sim cards in my sciphone 19+++ it shows me invalid sim…hw do i fix this…i want to use it for my tata docomo card and vodafone card…plz help me

  57. Eric says:

    Hi, I just boaught 2 of these china i9 phones from eBay and both have the same problem. It disconnects the calls after 1 minute. It doesnt matter whether I make the call or receive the call, It still disconnects after a minute. I have tried 3 different sim cards from 3 different network carriers and still same problem. Please advise?

  58. tony says:


  59. Ayda W says:

    got an i9+++ and i require the pc suite. please help.

  60. Ayda W says:

    downloaded games from but cannot open file

  61. Anurag says:

    I just bought a sciphone i9+++ from China. When I inserted the Airtel sim in Delhi it shows the network but shows invalid sim and am unable to make or receive the call. What is the problem and how can I fix it? Anyone please help me

  62. Mike says:

    I got the i9+++ as a gift and put my at&t sim card in it and it will make calls, but i cannot txt at all… not even standard messaging… I did some research and what i found is this particular iphone works on a 2G network… I am on a 3G network… is that the reason for no txt ability? If so, is there a way to upgrade it to be 3G capable

  63. dave says:

    hi im dave from bristol i have a I9+++ i68 TOUCH SCREEN UNLOCKED PHONE AT&T T-MOBILE im on o2 and cant get gprs settings pleassse could sum one help ive tryed a few things but no luck hope some one can help me would be very great ful many thanks dave.

    • Tom says:

      Mate, does it work on O2 i need too know as i am interested in purchasing one… the exact one you have bought… is it unlocked and can i put ma o2 sim in straight away? i live in england…
      – Tom

  64. ricky says:

    Does anyone know the configuration to set up i9+++ to download videos, stream videos and/or enable tv. If so please contact me at thanks!! In advance.

  65. prietam says:

    i hv a same phone i neeed pc suit tell me hw can i dwn load pc suite of i9+++

  66. Marie(; says:

    how do u install java!!!!!???? please helppp!!

  67. Eddy says:

    Hello I have a sciphone i9+++, the problem is with the contacts.
    First i see them duplicated SIM + CEL
    Second i want to delete all of them. The cel asks for a password and its new. Haven’t put any password yet!!!! Please help I’m going crazy!

  68. Andrew says:

    hay how do i install java on the i9+++

  69. Jodie says:

    Hi, i got my sciphone i9+ a few weeks ago but i cannot seem to get any games or internet access on it, can someone help me sort it out please 🙂

  70. lyndon says:

    hi.. how do i put games or apps on my sciphone ????

  71. goff says:

    i need a new screen could you advise
    london england

  72. Girl says:

    I’m download X-ray from website umnet for my sciPhone.
    When I opened it, I can’t click “Start mobile magic”.
    Why? I tried to click with my “pencil for sciPhone”, with my finger and I can’t. Nothing was happen. :S
    How can I click that? And yeah, I need some website for download cool stuffs for sciPhone i9+++. Please answer me!

  73. Dot says:

    How do I access the internet with a internet package from ATT USA

    on my I9 Sciphone?

  74. Ajith says:

    I have a problem in my i phone i9+++,,, when i am playing the music or any tunes sound is jerking . i dont know whats the problem? is this hardware or software problem?? please help me…

  75. Nikki says:

    I just recently purchase a SciPhone 3GS…I am having problems logging onto facebook, ebay and google. Everything is in chinese. How do I change the settings or use facebook (the english version)?

  76. Talha says:

    How to run java games which is already installed in i9+++

  77. Jo Henderson says:

    I know the problem with the iphone I9+++ and rthe internet. There is a really easy way to sort it out. Go to setting, GPRS section. With that on the screen scroll down to the bottom. Then take the phone throw it in the bin and buy a real phone instead of some useless clone. They are cheap because they are rubbish, but you pay more than you should for rubbish as it looks like an iPhone. Apple phones are expensive but work 1st time and dosent need pages and pages of bloggs to get it to work. Stop being so vain and just get a simple Nokia, it will have the same functions of this clone, be cheaper and work first time. It just won’t look like an iPhone.

  78. sly says:

    my sciphone says i need to install the java game? what is that and how do i install it. also how do i add music. my thing shows i have a f file thing not a g. why. can someone pls help me.

  79. julian spiteri says:

    Hello All,

    I recently got an i9+++ off ebay and am findling the volume in the earphones to be way too low. Any solutions

  80. anjum says:

    sir. bought iphone from china.back to india now.insert sim showing invalid sim.we need to unlock it pls.clear thnks..anjum

  81. hema says:

    the game in my sciphone i9+++ Chinese
    didnt work and need installing java , waht I can do


  82. Sim says:

    Hi All I just bought an i9+++ in china $100AU.
    Ive been searching the net for a user manual,
    Can someone PLEASE help with a website address.

  83. patsy says:


  84. Me says:

    I have 2 problems with my sciPhone…The screen has broken, so now I got my new screen to replace it, but I have no idea how to mount it because is not comming with any cd-rom .
    And my 2nd problem is actually a question: is this sciphone need 2 sim cards?

    Please help me!
    thank you!

  85. Jason says:

    How do i install my java games? I can’t start to play the java games. They ask to install the java. Any website can help me please.. Ty

  86. glaine says:

    hi.i have i9+++ phone. how can i activate my gprs, games and java? my location is philippines.please send any answer to mny eaad thanks

  87. debus says:

    Please help how to get the i9+++ unlocked?

    Pls help.

  88. mharjun says:

    if anyone wants to play java games straight from their sciphone i9+++ just visit and search for any games or apps fitted from your phone.some works, i tried a lot of the way anybody knows how to configure gprs and mms in sciphone i9+++?im from philippines and my provider is smart.need help!!

  89. gk says:

    I couldnt even browse the files in the micro SD card inside. WHenever i connect to my laptop it just says, USB device not recognised. Has anyone solved this issue?

  90. luke says:

    hi guys ive got an sciphone i9 3g as what ezza said the sciphone also works with me and i live in australia on the goldcoast and im with telstra and it works fine with me. so if something is wrong with the communication it might be the condition of the phone

  91. natalie says:

    I just bought a i9 everything works great but the memory i cant download songs and games or download my MMS it pops up memory full when nothing is on there. i have a memory card in as well still nothing. any ideas?

  92. kevin says:

    hi i just ordered an i phone for uk on o2 network will it work doesnt sound like it will goin by all the coments ive read?? does anyone else have one that actually works??

  93. bradley says:

    i have a sciphone i9+++ with a virgin sim and im in australia and i carnt access internet or msn im getting very frustrated help me someone

  94. widhieraden says:

    Now I realy have some problem with my sciphone vers. i9+++ : the GPRS & MMS setting, the radio that doesn’t work although I plug the headset, undetected bluetooth and the java software that can’t be installed…is there anyone can help me? please help me. My mail add is……thank you (BTW I’m in Indonesia)

  95. van pham says:

    em có điện thoại sciphone i9+++ nhung không thể cài đặt java game.mong anh chị giúp em với.??????xin liên hệ!!!!!!!!em cám ơn!!!!!!^^

  96. hasan khan says:

    hi………i have sciphone i9+++ & dont know how can i close motion sensor

  97. del1ght says:

    Today i buy new iphone clone i9++ but the memory stick dont work on that phone. What is the reason. My memory card is full of music but phone says that there is no songs in phone and memorycard. Help me please. Sorry for my bad english.

  98. robert says:

    i saw at the top of the page that is says the drawback of this phone is that it is nt in english but the picture shows english writing? can someone clarify this for me

  99. Missy says:

    Hi there,
    Looks like I’m not the only one who has bitten with this Apple Iphone look alike – the Sciphone!!
    I wanted a phone that I can have facebook on it – was told yeah there are plenty of applications for it….HA! The facebook app I found is in another language – not english!! I don’t intend on studying another language except english so what the heck am I meant to do?? HELP!?

  100. rour says:

    i bought sciphone model no A 2121 i dont know how to copy my old data (contacts, photos,….) which is in my the PC i have already istalled memory of 2 GB
    cany you help in this instance, is it complusory to dowload java??

  101. lawrence says:

    My sd memory card is not working in my i9 sciphone,can anybody help me.

  102. pradeep kumar says:

    i have sciphone dual sim,if i insert sim ,it didn’t found the sim card so that i unable to make&dial calls ,for that what i have to do,,weathet i have to unlock my mobile or not if unlock means how it is possible ,any online links or software is thier anyone pls clarify me( i am waiting for sciphone experience)

  103. Monique says:

    hi all i am in australia , im with vodafone and everytime i try to go on the internet it says GPRS not subscribed . does anyone know how i can fix this PLEASE !

  104. leon kurd says:

    any one can help me how to use internet in i9+++ iphone i9 +++

  105. jupet says:

    Hi. I’m from Philippines. Got my i9+++ phone. how can i activate my gprs/wap? Java application and games? Need help. please send it the right input to my email. thanks. – email:

  106. spice18 says:

    hi,.,i just bought a china phone i9 but i can-t use it. it always says failed to connect. I can-t recieve and send text messages. I can-t even make and recieve a call. how will i fix it? anyone, help me pls..

  107. Samantha says:

    I bought a Sciphone i9+++ from ebay and it broke within a week. i am now trying to get rid of it and none of the mobile recycling websites will take it. How do i get rid of it?

  108. vladimir says:

    i need some help. once i changed a kind of view pictures on my phone (sciphone i9). there are 2 kinds: 1 – default kind, you can see full pictures and change them by touching the screen; 2 – you can see previews of pictures (9 on screen), open them not in full size.
    so, i changed option to 2 type and can not remember how to switch to 1 (full screen and changing by touching).
    if you know how to resolve my problem, please help.
    thanks beforehand.

  109. Jennifer says:

    Does anyone have a phone number or direct website for the Sciphone i9 ?

  110. dhannz says:

    im from philippines and im using a sciphone i9+++ china phone with globe as my service provider. the sim card has been activated before when i was still using my old phone but it doesnt seem to work now on this i9+++ phone. it always say GPRS not subscribed and i cant use the internet nor the MMS as well. it has an MSN on it too but that too doesnt seem to work. any help, PLS???? email me for any info at : thanks

  111. natt says:

    does any one no how to delete some of the apps that come on the phone ?

  112. tjetjun says:

    hi, i bought 2 iphone like this from china, beijing. 2 different firmware, one have compass and another dont. do you know how to change the firmware ?
    all function very smooth, i can download game from umnet and install in my both iphone. very cheap, only rmb 300 + memory card 32G rmb 40.

  113. dorian says:

    i forgot my phone lock code someone plz give the code or a way to reset it and unlock my phone

  114. Daniee says:


  115. sujay says:

    hey i need java software for my sci phone i9+++ my java is not working when iopen java app phone gets gets restarted. plz help

  116. ojas says:

    i have got a new sciphone i9+++ from china,but in India when i insert sim in either of 2 slots available dual sims.It shows invalid sim but displays all the contacts.Rather it could not make call or send messages.So please help me to activate it to make calls or send messages from the mobile.

  117. ojas says:

    can sciphone i9+++ run applications of apple iphone

  118. hello says:

    the default password if password forgotten is 1122.
    i has the same problem and this code works. hope this works for you too

  119. stevenson88 says:

    I hav an I9+++ and i cant get it to read my 8gb kingston memory card, and also if i call someone they can only hear me for like 20 seconds then they cant hear me anymore, but i can still hear them…any ideas on either problem im having PLZ let me kno

  120. Manda says:

    hey i just bought tha sciphone and everytime i try n call somebody is says invalis sim then i have to put tha 1122 code so it detects it again but i still cant make calls or receive

    • PJ says:


      My friend helped me,if you are vodacom it wont pick it up,byt MTN it will,this is due to IMEI number,its does not corrosponde with the one that is programed on the phone and the one that is at the back of the phone,go to sciphone’s website and register there,there is everything you need to know about the problems,a lot of people complain and all the solutions is in ther.

      Good Luck.

  121. sipho sa says:

    i need gprs vodacom SA settings for my sciphone. please give it to me if u can.

  122. johnny says:

    pls jus got i9+++ wen i inserted sim ,it asked me to insert code..what is d code any one knows….help. lives in ireland on 02

  123. sipho sa says:

    i need gprs settings for sciphone i9+++, i use vodacom sa network. please email me on

  124. malou madamba says:

    hi! i have an apple iphone assembled in china it has a wifi but i can’t connect/ access.

  125. anonymous says:

    does anyone know how to download games via computer

  126. Dwight says:

    hi,how do u install java on the sciphone because i only see “installed java software” and it only uses claro sim, need it to use digicel too. from Jamaica

  127. ojas says:

    i need gprs settings for sciphone i9+++, i use mtnl trump network. please email me on

  128. Geoff Maiden says:

    Hi. Could you please help me to find the settings to access the internet on T-Mobile, i have tried them but they are usless, you are my last hope. I am also buying a sciphone for my partner, and would appreciate the settings for O2.

    Thank You.

  129. pedro says:

    need settings sciphone i9 +68 wap gprs to 02

  130. jetri says:

    how to install java game..

  131. Williams says:

    I am Will from Ghana and i bought sciphone 9+ + +but am unable to install or download games.I also bluetooth skype on it but am not able to open it and use it on the phone besides,the batteries are also very weak and they easily run down within 30mins(max.time).Please,can anyone help me to download and open skype on my phone?Email me with details to…
    Big thanks

  132. Tony says:

    Let take the pain out of configuring your Sciphone/CECT handset to enable GPRS, WAP, MMS and Webmail. You could be surfing the web and sending/receiving multimedia messages within 24 hours Free app store for customers

  133. Apo says:

    I just bought a sciphone in Indai.
    Have 2 sims installed and receives incoming call on both numbers.

    When I make a outgoping call, I would like to select, which sim to use, but only have 1 call button on the screen.

    Can anyone please help.

  134. Char says:

    i got a i9+++
    And i dont knw how to install the Java Game & my MMS won’t let me download ..

  135. Clarice says:

    i have the Sciphone and i cannot get it off of military time olease help anyone

  136. richele says:

    wHATS THE use ,, the application BIRD,, IN SCIPHONE,, please help

  137. Linda says:

    You can get it to be compatiable in English, no problems. I’m in Australia and the sciphone works perfectly. To set up MMS and GPRS data services, just log in to your providers website, EG telstra, Optus. Go to mobile support and set up. You will find the option for setting up mms and gprs on mobile phones. Select Nokia 2610, as they don’t support China phones, but the settings for Nokia 2610 work. Go through the actions on the website, it takes only a few seconds. The settings are sent to your phone via sms, you just have to press OK and instal.

  138. franschua says:

    Hi there can someone help me please assist me with internet, GPRS settings for the MTN or Vodacom for my I9 sciphone PLEASE


  139. Bryan Auchter says:

    How do you activate java on the i9 the instructions are in chinese, any advice would be appreciated.

  140. Etienne says:

    Dear Sir or Madam(to whom it may concern).
    I’m emailing to you just let you know about your product(mobile phone):
    Designed by sciphone in China Assembled in China.
    Model N:A 1241 Fcc ID:BCGA 1241 ic ID:579C-A1241 lI-ion Battery capacite:1200mAh standrd charger voltage 4,2v .
    The problem is that I need two(2)new Batteries and one sim memory card and a manuel(book) in English and French.
    Would you also like to tell me how much they cost because here in London I can’t find them.Please could someone help?
    I’m looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.
    Yours faithfully ,Etienne.

  141. Sara says:

    Hi, I have problems calling. I can receive calls and send and receive message as normal. But can not make outgoing calls. Please help!

  142. Ajay says:

    I have Sciphone 32GB, I9+. I need Driver to Install on my PC to connect and access my Sciphone i9 mobile.Any one Please send it on email ID.

  143. susan says:

    hi i bought a 19+++ phone from ebay can make and recieve calls but am having problems sending and recieving mms am o2 network can anyone plz help love the phone thanks

  144. suzii says:

    does a vodafone sim card work on the sciphone i9+++?
    plz plz plz answer 🙂

  145. tyreisha says:

    Please help my home button is not working and I need help finding the power button

  146. tom says:


  147. SHOANE says:


  148. sherrie louise says:

    i have just recieved a sciphone i9+++ and i can do everything on it accept connect to the internet and get onto msn i have tried multiple sites telling me to change settings and none of them have worked im on tmobile and cannot find the right uk settings… when i try to connect to the internet it starts to connect and comeas up a little g sign in a grey box with a number one in the left hand top corner and then stops and says connection falier… someone please help me to get my internet working its sooooooo frustraiting thanx x

  149. Tim says:

    i have the iphone 4 clone c8. yes i can do everything but surf the net. i am using the wlan and it connects just fine. i tried to open my facebook or any other sites but it keep saying “insufficient memory” my other china phones work just fine with the wlan and surf smoothly on the internet except this phone. can someone help me?

  150. phatz says:

    do any one have a charger they can send me please ////!!!!

  151. bertboy says:

    I have games pre installed in my Sciphone i9+++ which when activated and I am charged. Kindly do tell me how to delete these programs which I dont need. TQ and regards…..

  152. deyya says:

    I am also good in iphone i9 + + + and I escaped and I broke him touch screen where I can order another? please reply

  153. dhananjay says:

    he game in my sciphone i9+++ Chinese
    didnt work and need installing java , waht I can do………..and in these phone how to install mms and gprs setting

  154. Vince says:

    Has anyone found any success with locating installing an email app for the schiphone i9+++?

  155. eneas says:

    hi everybody, i’m looking around to find a firmware update for sci phone i9+++, or just to reinstall the old firmware. can anybody help me? email me at

  156. Marco says:

    I dont cann see videos on my sciphone i9+++ what i must make to see videos from youtube

  157. Andy says:

    hi dear ,
    i am Andy from KVD Internatioal Group Limited , specializing in the mobile phones . pls tell me about more details about iphone mobile phone .
    Thanks ,

  158. Qenan says:

    i have an Iphone W828+ Sciphone 2008 ,i have a network problem ,Can somebody help me with that ?please

  159. george says:

    hi guys new here, recently i bought a sophone from china and i have a big problem with video capture, if i record a video and play it it lags a lot like the phone cant process the video, the video plays piece by piece, my english not so good i hope you understand what im saying. anyway if anyone else bought this phone and have any solution plz tell me thx….

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