ePhone 4GS – Apple iPhone 4 Clone From China For Just $85

Written By Sam on 5 July 2010

Chinese are well known for replicas, they are capable to bring out replica for any electronic item. And now they have turned their attention to the latest iPhone 4. Only first batch of iPhone 4 have been shipped and assembly line in Shenzen has now come out with exact replicas of Apple’s latest iPhone 4. The latest iPhone 4 has been released only a few weeks ago, however they have some how managed to bring the exact replica of the model. And they had also named it as ePhone 4GS.

Users will be carried away by the look of the ePhone 4GS, though it has been designed with the help of cheap materials. They look very much similar to iPhone, and it is a very tough thing to differentiate between the both. But as soon as you switch on the phone, its easy to find out with the available low resolution non retina display.

ePhone 4GS is also equipped with front and rear cameras similar to the iPhone 4. Further you can see a 16 GB label and word iPhone present in the rear. It’s too early to comment about the product performance, so we cannot decide whether it’s a graffiti or really has 16Gigs in it. So if you are looking to get a ePhone 4GS you just have to shell out just $85.

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6 Responses to “ePhone 4GS – Apple iPhone 4 Clone From China For Just $85”

  1. patt says:

    theese phones are lucky to have 100 mb storage on them. they claim to have 5mp camera but lucky to be 1mp. also the same icons are on the phone like 10 times. this gives the imitation that there is more apps on the phone than there really is.

  2. mia says:

    I just bought a “Iphone” at ioffer and the seller said that the phone is authentic but I’m not sure, I just wondering if this ePhone has java enabled and if Can I install free apps? also could go to the page and see the phone and give me your opinion. thanks


  3. arman arora says:

    i like this

  4. radiyah says:

    how do i want to purchase this

  5. Sangeeta says:

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