Apple Captures 53% Smartphone Market Share

Written By Sam on 25 December 2012

Kanter Wordpanle Comtech reported that Apple has managed to grasp 53% of smartphone market shares in the U.S. It is the highest percentage ever achieved by Apple, while Android captured 42% of U.S. market share within last 12 weeks. The company stock promptly dropped below $500 per share. Now comes word that Apple has the highest US market share and the stock is down more than five points at 516 in early morning trading. However, Android was still able to maintain the highest share in Europe up 10 percentage points to 61 percent. In regards to Apple’s success in the US, Worldpanel cites the strong iPhone 5 sales.

Apple Campus One Infinite Loop

The figures of Apple are quite surprising because we have recently seen quite a poor response from users towards Apple’s maps app within time frame. The credit without any doubt goes to the successful launch of iPhone 5 and iOS 6 which turned the attention of smartphone users from the Android market towards Apple. The battle is still on, and Samsung is expected to throw one of the most unique items in the market in the upcoming year i.e. flexible smartphone. Let’s see what Apple is preparing to respond to this new technology from Samsung.

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