Cowon J3 Portable Media Player Features AMOLED Touchscreen and 32GB Storage

Written By Sam on 15 June 2010

Apple and Microsoft are much more popular in portable media player when compared with Cowon. But their products are great. Their products are well built, very attractive and portable. Also their products are famous in South Korea and they are striving to extend their market across the globe. Personally I used a Cowon Media Player and was very happy with the quality of the product.

Cowon’s new launch – “J3 Portable Media Player“, is very attractive and a real eye-catcher. For sure your friends will admire it if you have one. The J3 has an AMOLED Touchscreen and can play audio files and various video files. This one is graphite colored portable media player and looks very sleek. The touch screen is 3.3” which is a larger one and can be turned sideways and it even allows enjoying a DivX download. The internal storage is 32GB and this can be extended with a Micro SD card. It is equipped with built in Bluetooth which aids to listen to cord free head phones.

In addition to this, Cowon J3 features voice recorder, Flash player, TV output, FM Radio and comes with a battery that can last 64 hours of music player and 11 hours of video playback. You can get it for $299.99, for sure we can say that it is competing with iPod touch, but if you prefer to have something different, then this is the one for you.

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