Win Free SpeedUpMyPC 2010 and PowerSuite 2010 Serial Keys in TechHail Giveaway

Written By Sam on 6 April 2010

This is the first giveaway in the TechHail‘s first anniversary celebrations. We have got 5 Licenses of PowerSuite 2010 and 10 Licenses for SpeedUpMyPC 2010. The contest will run for a period of 10 days from 06 April 2010 to 15 April 2010 11:59PM IST. Do visit the TechHail First Anniversary Celebrations page for more information and other giveaways.

Uniblue Systems has launched the latest version of popular PC performance enhancer, SpeedUpMyPC 2010. Latest version of this award winning software from Uniblue comes with a fresh user interface and combines a vivid range of enhanced system management tools that help in optimizing the system performance speed and output.

Available in 12 languages, SpeedUpMyPC 2010 includes tweak management console that allows users to implement or undo individual tweaks as desired. A series of targeted new tweaks can boost the system resource management and network settings as well as remove junk files from the hard drive. SpeedUpMyPC not only provides privacy enhancement and hard disk cleanup, but also emphasizes on the system settings, Internet usage, disk clutter, memory usage thus enhancing the total system performance. This performance booster allows users to disable or remove unnecessary background and auto-start processes thus helping them maximize the system overall performance.

New features of SpeedUpMyPC 2010

  • Support for 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7
  • Impressive GUI design that reflects the updated Uniblue brand
  • Tweak management console and Enhanced system resource management
  • Advanced speed tools for optimizing power
  • Optimize system and network settings by New tweaks

I have got a personal license to try out SpeedUpMyPC 2010 and was quite happy with the application. SpeedUpMyPC 2010 has shown me 360 possible improvements that can be implemented for a faster PC. The Speed Tools has shown me 3 improvements, System Tweaks has shown me 39 improvements and there are around 3918 junk files that can be removed to improve the system performance. All these improvements definitely helped me to get a faster PC.

PowerSuite 2010 includes RegistryBooster, SpeedUpMyPC, DriverScanner and FREE SystemTweaker i.e all Uniblue’s products in one powerful package. This is definitely a worth trying application which your improve your PC performance.

We at TechHail are very happy that you can win 5 Licenses of Uniblue PowerSuite 2010 and 10 Licenses of SpeedUpMyPC 2010 just by giving us the feedback about the applications and following us. Each License of SpeedUpMyPC 2010 costs you $29.95 and each license of PowerSuite 2010 costs you $59.95 which means that the total worth of this Giveaway is around $600.

Procedure to Win Free Licenses of Uniblue PowerSuite 2010 and SpeedUpMyPC 2010

  • Do Give us your feedback about SpeedUpMyPC 2010 and PowerSuite 2010 through the Comment section.
  • Follow us on Twitter or Facebook or subscribe to TechHail.
  • Spread the world by tweeting or promoting the contest on any social media sites.

There are no lucky draws to choose the winners here. Only the best comments and better participation will make you eligible for getting the free licenses of SpeedUpMyPC 2010 and PowerSuite 2010. Winners will be announced within a week on the Contest Page.

Do check out the TechHail First Anniversary Celebrations page or follow us on Twitter or Facebook or subscribe to TechHail for more information about the next Giveaways where you can win prizes worth $10,000.

23 Responses to “Win Free SpeedUpMyPC 2010 and PowerSuite 2010 Serial Keys in TechHail Giveaway”

  1. jay says:

    i have subscribed to RSS.
    I would like to win Powersuite 2010. My pc performance is becoming slow and there are numerous threats from getting spyware from the internet. I’d like to try a three in one program like PowerSuite 2010 which can clean my registry, speed up my pc and protect against spyware. User interface is simple to use and easy to select the menu options. Thanks.

  2. Rajiv says:

    SpeedUpMyPC is very good software. Im using trial version. I need the full version. Thanks samrat

  3. amozai says:

    Any tool from Uniblue is great and giving out 5 licesnces of such great tools is awesome.we use uninstall old and trial version software everyday which every leaves behind huge and invalid keys in the registry and only RegistryBooster can help remove those invalid keys.Windows optimization and driver updates makes windows to work very efficiantly, and PowerSuite 2010 is all in one to do that on your behave esspecially by disabling some of the unnecessary progams that run unnoticed in th windows that consumes a lot of resources. I’ll really appreciate if I can win PowerSuite 2010.

    Thank you in advance.

  4. ravi chauhan says:

    I Would Like to be a part of TechHail First Anniversary Celebrations.Now Fan on Facebook, tweeted about this contest.

  5. Ricky says:

    As i am also a blogger writing about computer stuff, i always try out the new software so that i can recommend to my blog reader. So, by having the chance to win SpeedUpMyPC 2010, i must test this software on behalf of my blog reader. By the way, i also need to make my computer operate at the optimum speed by clean up my registry as many trial software i have tried registry remain in the registry. SpeedUpMyPC 2010 will do the job for me in instead.

  6. Jose says:

    This is really a very offer. im using free version so need a full version. thanks for the offer. very good contest here

  7. Harmesh Rohira says:

    Heay, I am in tooo for this wonderful giveaway………
    Plz count me in too………

    First of all, hearty wishes for ur aniversary celebrations………
    wat a giveaway for cleaning ur dumps from ur syatem and improving the performance of ur system…….

    Its an awesum product to tune up your pc……so i am in for this wonderful giveaway….


  8. Stefan Lindholm says:

    I´m very pleas´t with my products from Uniblue and was look forward to install the upgrade that i got from you by mail. Now I´´ve been trying to install that speedupmypc 2010 several times, and I just don´t succed. So now I don´t have any speedup… because of my efford to install the upgrade. I wrote a email in your support page, but did not get any reaction from you. I´m very sorry because of that. I really liked the promgram SpeedUpMyPc.


  9. Ramprasad says:

    Techhail web site not opened from 6th to yesterday. Today only I am able to open the site. Any how I am the fan of Techhail since 4 months and found OK. This is the first time I faced probem to open the site. Congrats on 1st anniversary celebrations. Regarding Uniblue, it is excellent in performance. I am using trial version only. I think time is up, to get giveaway offer for poersuit 2010.

  10. ha14 says:

    I used powersuite like 3 years ago and the antispyware module that was also proposed in was essential but now I beleive the antispyware (spyeraser) disappeared and was replaced by driverscanner which also helpful regarding the maintain of healthy pc and overcoming drive fault difficulties.

  11. reza says:

    wow great
    i just discover your website and now a chance to get free license powersuite 2010
    is this software really good?
    hmmm i hope i have a chance to try it,,
    for year of course :))

  12. Ricky says:

    When is the announcement of the winner of this contest?

  13. shiva says:

    hi samrat p

    congrats for the TechHail First Anniversary Celebrations. very nice giveaway , so would like to win the powersuite. really a great piece of software to have. uniblue has improved in the recent past.

    theese features are really great

    1. Clean and defragment your registry

    2. Optimize resource allocation and system settings

    3. Update your drivers

    ability to speed up your boot time and shutdown time is an added plus,remove junk files,etc…

    would just love to win a powersuite license

    my tweet :

    i am subscribed to your feeds through mail

    thankyou for the Opportunity

  14. Rudresh joshi says:

    This software is really grate and with the help of this software the performance and the speed of system is increase .
    Rudresh joshi

  15. please i need help because my computer is slow & I don’t have money card too to buy software thanx

  16. Virender Paul says:

    PowerSuite 2010 is all in one to do that on your behave especially by disabling some of the unnecessary programs that run unnoticed in the windows that consumes a lot of resources. I’ll really appreciate if I can win PowerSuite 2010.

    Thank you

  17. Ahmad says:

    I worked through the night to get this software I didn’t I managed to get speedupmypc only but I am only trying to win this contest for my grandpa he has no way to pay for this I would be very pleased if you can give me the full version of power suite

  18. alva says:

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  19. alva says:

    Thank you best western technology fraud protection true or false wish me luck secured

  20. mallela raghu ram says:

    uniblue registrybooster is a great software it repair’s damaged registry and other softwares like speedupmypc cleans junk files drivescanner updates drivers

    it do’ the all the pc maintenence and saves lot of time

  21. elmansory says:

    that is very goooooooooooooooood

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