10 Ways to Trace, Find, Track and Recover Your Lost or Stolen iPhone

Written By Sam on 16 December 2009

Though there are many great mobiles released by Nokia, Samsung, Acer, Motorola, Google and other companies, Apple iPhone has set a different expectations in the minds of people. Even after several years there is not even a single mobile in the market that has given a serious competition to iPhone. After the release of iPhone 3GS more and more people are tempted to buy the iPhone. With many great features you don’t get an iPhone at very cheaper price. So you have to keep your iPhone safe. There are many chances that you may loose your iPhone or it may be stolen. But now you can now easily track stolen iPhone. Apart from tracking lost iPhone you can even message a text or erase the data from your lost or stolen iPhone, thanks to the technology advancements and new services.

Ten Ways to Track/Find Your Lost/Stolen iPhone

Find Your Lost iPhone With Mobile Me’s “Find My iPhone” Feature

Find Your Lost iPhone With Mobile Me's Find My iPhone Feature

Apple Mobile Me has a service called β€œFind My iPhone” which will help you to locate your iPhone on a map. Find my iPhone uses iPhone’s GPS feature to nail the current location of the handset and allows the owners to send and display a message to their iPhone. The best part is that the message is displayed even if the phone is locked. You can also sign in to your MobileMe account and remotely set a four-digit passcode lock to prevent people from using your iPhone or accessing your personal information. You can also play a sound that overrides the ringer volume or silent setting on your phone. The subscription for this feature costs around $99 per year after a 2-month trial pack.

Find Your Stolen iPhone With UnderCover App for iPhone

Find Your Stolen iPhone With UnderCover App for iPhone

Orbicule has launched Undercover for iPhone taking “Find my iPhone” by Apple a bit further. Undercover enables you to customize your push notifications so that it can pull the iPhone’s GPS information. For instance, you may send a misleading push notification and when the thief taps to read the message, Undercover records your iPhone’s location, notifies you and transmits the details. The big veto to this utility is it might not allow you to customize the title of the push notification, which reads ‘Undercover’ all the time. Even if the thief removes the Undercover application from the iPhone, Orbicule offers a free helper app called ‘Found‘ that continues to relay GPS information to your undercover account, which can also help you in recovering your iPhone. With “Undercover” you can remotely display a popup message on your lost iPhone. You can even remotely activate Undercover on a stolen iPhone. Undercover costs you just $4.99.

Locate Your Lost or Stolen iPhone With iHound for iPhone

Locate Your Lost or Stolen iPhone With iHound for iPhone

iHound helps you to find and recover lost or stolen iPhone or iPod Touch. It uses the GPS and Wi-Fi signal to determine the location of your device. Using iHound tracking website, you can track the approximate location of your iPhone and iPod Touch when the iHound application is running. This handy app increases your chances of recovering a lost or stolen iPhone which alerts you when your iPhone is connected to another PC. It sends you an email indicating the location of the lost iPhone currently being used, when it is connected to other individuals computer. On the other hand, a detailed report on where your iPhone is being used can also be obtained by logging into iHound’s website. You can get the iHound from the App store for $2.99.

Track Your Stolen iPhone With iLocalis for iPhone

Track Your Stolen iPhone With iLocalis for iPhone

iLocalise is a tracking and remote control utility for Apple iPhone’s not only lets you track your iPhone but also allows you to remote control it. But the problem with iLocalis is that it needs a Jailbroken iPhone with Cydia installed. Logging onto the iLocalis website will inform you where the iPhone was last located. Even if the thief changes the sim card, iLocalis provides you with the number of the changed sim. You can send messages or even make calls on your iPhone even if you don’t have it with you. You can also customize iLocalise for your friends and family members to locate you. If you have friends using iLocalis, then you can send messages to each other with no messaging chargers. iLocalis features Location tracking, Share your location with others, Notify friends nearby, Remote iPhone control, Send messages to your friends for free, Remote SMS commands, Remote backup, Remote wipe, Alert zones, Push Support, Remote audio recording and Remote iPhone lock. iLocalis charges 5 Euros ($7.50) per year.

Recover Your Lost iPhone With Navizon App

Recover Your Lost iPhone With Navizon App

With combination of GPS, Wi-Fi, and Cellular triangulation techniques a hybrid positioning system, Navizon calculates the geographic location of a wireless device by analyzing the signals from nearby Wi-Fi access points and cellular towers and comparing it against a database of known data points. You can now locate your lost iPhone by just sending as text message to it with the Locate-by-SMS in Navizon app. With this feature when an SMS is received with the keyword you specified in the settings, Navizon App will automatically determine the current location and send a reply containing the location of the device.Navizon features MobiFindr (Locate-by-SMS), Groups, Buddy Finder, Location based Alerts and Trail Logging. Navizon Lite is available for free and Navizon Premium is Free to try, $9.99 to buy.

Track and Spy on iPhone With Mobile Spy

Track and Spy on iPhone With Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy allows tracking of GPS locations, Calls and Text Messages. Running in background of all other applications, Mobile Spy enables the users to track SMS messages and calls by silently recording them and then uploading the data to your private Mobile Spy secure online account. You can then view the logging information by logging into secured online control panel from any computer or phone’s web browser. Logging features include Calls Log, SMS (Text Messages) Log, GPS Locations Log and Website URLs Log. Mobile Spy comes with a subscription priced at $99.97 per year.

Locate, Track and Lock Your iPhone With Cylay

Locate, Track and Lock Your iPhone With Cylay

Cylay will help you to protect your iPhone and Privacy. Cylay is a Services similar to Find My iPhone but more better, Support PUSH and real-time control. With Cylay you can locate, track, lock, wipe and backup your iPhone data at anytime. This applications requires your iPhone to be jailbroken. So once you have jailbroken your iPhone search “Cylay” from Cydia and install. After installation goto iPhone Setting – Cylay to enable Cylay.

Protect Your iPhone With MyFoundCast

Protect Your iPhone With MyFoundCast

MyFoundCast technology is the internet’s first lost and found service that provides all members with a unique tracking ID and automatic registry into lost and found database. Serial number of any iPod or iPhone can be used for registration. It also allows you to customize wallpaper and embed information into that wallpaper so that it contains the owner’s details in order to make the finders of the iPhone or iPod Touch for returning it. But i’m pretty sure that not many people will love to return your iPhone! (?)

Track a lost or stolen iPhone With iRedHanded

Track a lost or stolen iPhone With iRedHanded

With iRedHanded you can easily track a lost or stolen iPhone or iPod touch‘s location on a map. You can set alarm noises to help you recover it, even if switched to ‘silent’. With iRedHanded you can easily backup all your important data and settings. You can even wipe all your sensitive data on loss or theft. It allows you to send pop-up messages and recovery instructions also. You can even track usage, numbers called, view the camera, view text messages. iRedHanded is currently in Beta phase and is not yet available via AppStore or Installer.app. But you can register your interest to try out the beta.

Find your Stolen iPhone With FindMyI

Find your Stolen iPhone With FindMyI

FindMyI is available via Cydia and runs in the background and talks to a server at user-determined time intervals, telling it where the phone is. To report your location you have to configure the settings via the service’s webpage. When you log into the site and report the phone as stolen, the phone will start sending out its location. You have to pay $2/month for maximum accuracy. The app is still in beta stage.

If you are an iPhone user then do let us know if you have used any of these apps. If there are any other Apps to find lost or stolen iPhone, do let us know about them through the comment section.

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    Does anyone know what happens if someone “restores” a stolen iPhone and then Jailbreaks it & unlocks it? Will these tracking and recover programs still work? Thanks!

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    I dont own any I phone but will sure get these apps as I am planning to get one soon….Nice post…

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    Does this also work if it is a ipod touch that has bluetooth or WiFi on?

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    this is just a regurgitation of 50 other articles on the net and does not help anyone who is likely to be searching for how to find their lost iPhone, in other words, how does this help anyone who just lost their phone? Obviously if it’s lost you can’t use these utilities if they weren’t installed beforehand. Are you going to tell us how to retroactively install these apps? Yeah…

    • Samrat P says:

      Atleast when you read this article you come to know that there are some tools which will help you to find your lost iPhone. As you said it is not useful after you lost your mobile. But atleast it might help your friend!!

  10. Very good and useful tool for iphone users. I have a small doubt, suppose I get an iphone, (lost by some one else!) can I trace the owner (without calling the number stored in the mobile) using any apple service or tool stored in the iphone?

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    I lost my iphone, how do i recover/trace my iphone, I knew few applications, but they need to register the iphone first. please advise.

    Thank you

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    So this is the story of how i lost my ipod it was like 6 in the morning i was going in my car so i slid my ipod in on the cushin then it was gone i checked in between them and everything i opened the door and it fell out i have the serial code is there any way i can find it please help me and do all the research u can ive been looking for it 24/7 please help the ipod meant alot to me and im only 11 reply to this and email me if u have any suggestions please help me im begging my email is natashleyescribano@ymail.com please help me

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    My iphone was stolen 2 days ago. Find my phone wasn’t installed although it was jail broken. Is there any way that I can trace my Iphone?


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    I lost my iPod at school. I have a warranty on it. I have the serial number. Is their a way I can find my iPod, if I dont have an app to find it?

  23. Casey says:

    I recently lost my iPhone in my car (it’s a freaking Bermuda Triangle, seriously!) and I didn’t know about ANY of these… I don’t even have an iCloud account!
    Is there any way, an app maybe, that let’s you track an iPhone by it’s serial number?

  24. Kylie says:

    Hey there, I have lost my phone and they haven’t turned it on and I haven’t wiped it but I brought it outright so anyone can pop in a sim card and away they go. I did have a pass code on it but if you know the right people obviously that’s not really a problem? They need to invent an app that turns on the phone remotely if it has battery life so we can track it!!!

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