Buy .Asia Domain to Get Your FREE 2GB USB Memory Stick

Written By Sam on 23 August 2009

Do you love freebies? If your answer is Yes then you can get a free 2GB mini USB drive when you register for a .Asia domain for 2 years or more with the registering partners. This FreeB.Asia program ( is launched by DotAsia which is a not‐for‐profit corporation with a mission to promote Internet development and adoption in Asia. Starting this month, DotAsia is giving away one free 2GB mini USB stick for every new “.Asia” domain registered for 2 or more years with participating partners (


Procedure to get FREE 2GB USB memory stick when you register a .Asia domain

  • Register your .Asia domain such as ( for 2 years or more with the participating registrar.
  • You will be mailed a redemption code a week after your domain has been fully registered.
  • Visit www.FreeB.Asia and log in with you redemption code and the corresponding .Asia domain
  • Once logged on you have to confirm your postal address and a USB memory stick will be sent to you via mail
  • FreeB USB memory stick promotional Offer is available from July 6th to October 6th 2009 or while supplies last.
  • Your Free USB stick takes 6-8 weeks for shipping and handling.

If your haven’t received your USB in 8 weeks then just drop a mail to an include your domain and login information. If you USB is defective then send it back to the below address to get a replaced USB memory stick.

DotAsia Organisation Ltd.
Unit 617, Miramar Tower,
132 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Hong Kong

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