Download Opera 10 beta 2 (Peregrine) With New Features & Improved Performance

Written By Sam on 16 July 2009

Opera is the only one web browser which comes complete with everything you need to be fast, safe and productive online. This delivers the best internet experience on any device on all the major platforms many new features added to the latest Opera 10 beta 2. Opera 10 beta 2 (codenamed Peregrine) has got many new features, a fresh look and feel, enhanced speed and performance. Opera 10 Beta 2 also includes many bug fixes and polished skin elements.


New Features in Opera 10

Opera turbo for fast browsing on slow connections: Opera comes with opera turbo, a compression technology which provides significant improvement in browsing speeds over limited bandwidth.

Web Integration: Opera 10 can be used as default mail client, just clicking on e-mail addresses or ‘send by email’ opens the compose page directly. The same is true with the Feed reader also.

Enhanced tabs and sleek design: Opera 10 introduces resizable tab bar. You can drag the handle underneath the tabs to reveal thumbnails of opened web-pages.

Resizable Search field: The resizable search field gives you a clear view of what you want to search. You can even type a whole question also.

Handy Speed Dial: You can customize your speed dials by clicking the configure button and then choose 4 to 25 favorite web sites for quick access every time you open a new tab, custom background can also be added.

40% faster engine and cutting-edge web standards support: The new Opera Presto 2.2 is being optimized in Opera 10 to be much faster. Opera 10 beta 2 is ready for next generation of web applications with support for Web Fonts, RGBA/HSLA color and SVG improvements.


More New Features in Opera 10

Inline spell checker: Opera 10 beta 2 underlines all the misspelled words on your blog, web-mail, or facebook wall. By using the popular Hunspell dictionary format, the list of all languages is updated.

Automated Crash Reporting: If a crash occurs, Opera will restart and recover all your tabs which makes Opera the most stable browser around.

Auto update: With auto update you can choose automatic updates wherein you can stay up to date with the latest version.

Opera Dragonfly evolved: Web developer tools will allow you to edit the DOM and the HTTP headers can also be inspected.

E-mail your way: With Opera mail, you can send rich text messages including images, styled text, links, custom HTML etc. POP server messages can also be deleted after a specified time and the web space can be kept under control.

With all these extensive feature list Opera 10 beta 2 looks very promising. So try out the latest Opear 10 beta 2 and tell us your feedback!

Download Opera 10 beta 2

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