Free Secure Email Certificate to Digitally Sign Your Email

Written By Sam on 22 August 2009

If you send important and confidential data through your email then it is very much essential to use a Secure Email Certificate. Email certificates allow you to encrypt and digitally sign your emails so they cannot be intercepted, read or modified by anyone except the person you sent them to. If you are also looking for your Email Security then you can try out Free Secure Email Certificate from Comodo without shelling a penny from your pocket.


Comodo’s email certificates are free for personal/home users. Comodo Email Certificate ensures that your email remains private by encrypting with up to 256 bit security. You can digitally sign your email to ensure authenticity and integrity. It is trusted with major mail clients like Microsoft Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail, Thunderbird, Netscape Messenger or any other S/MIME compliant software.


Features of Comodo Free Secure Email Certificate

  • Encrypt your emails to ensure confidentiality
  • Digitally sign to ensure data integrity
  • Compatible with all major email clients
  • Protects against identity and data theft
  • Integrates easily with Microsoft Outlook
  • You can also sign Microsoft Word documents
  • Download and install within few minutes
  • Completely free of charge for personal use

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