Genuine License Key of Avira AntiVir Premium Security Suite Valid For 3 Month

Written By Sam on 7 February 2010

Avira Premium Security Suite is one of the best security suite which will protect your computer from many viruses, worms, malicious code and websites. If you surf the Internet, make online purchases, communicate by email, or make bank transactions on your PC then it is very much better to install Avira Premium Security Suite. The latest version of Avira Premium Security Suite includes QuickRemoval, NetbookSupport and ParentalControl.

The good news is that you can now get Free 3 Months License of Avira Premium Security Suite. To get your free serial number of Avira Antivirus all you have to do is just fill a simple form with your name and email-id. Your personal license key of Avira Antivirus will be sent to your mail address. Actually this 3 month full version trial of Avira Premium Security Suite promotion is exclusively for Ubisoft!

Features of Avira Premium Security Suite

  • AntiVir stops all types of viruses
  • AntiAd/Spyware eliminates ad/spyware
  • AntiPhishing proactive protection against phising
  • AntiRootkit against hidden rootkit threats
  • AntiDrive-by prevents against downloading viruses when surfing
  • AntiBot prevents dangerous bot networks
  • EmailScannerEnhanced email protection
  • WebGuard protection against malicious websites
  • RescueSystem create a bootable rescue CD
  • BackupSystem configurable data backup solution
  • AntiSpam filters out unwanted emails
  • FireWall protection against hackers
  • GameMode uninterrupted game play
  • QuickRemoval eliminate viruses at the push of a button
  • NetbookSupport for laptops with low resolution
  • ParentalControl block websites unsuitable for children

Procedure to get Free Avira Antivirus Serial Number

  1. Visit the promotional page at –
  2. Fill the form with your Salutation, First Name, Last Name, Email Address and Country.
  3. You will get a Avira Antivirus Serial Number(Link to license key) to your email which is valid for 90 days.
  4. Download your Avira Antivirus license (HBEDV.KEY) and store it on your PC.
  5. When prompted import the license during the installation of Avira product.

Download Avira Premium Security Suite

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