Google Tweaks Search Page for Queries Related to “World Cup 2010”, “FIFA World Cup 2010”, “World Cup Soccer 2010”

Written By Sam on 9 June 2010

If you are a Soccer fan then you must be eagerly waiting for the 2010 World Cup that would kickoff in another 2 days. World Cup 2010 will start on 11 Jun and to celebrate this, the search gaint Google has trown up a special view for the search queries related to the FIFA World Cup 2010. For example when you search for something like “World Cup 2010“, “FIFA World Cup 2010“, “World Cup 2010 Schedule” or “World Cup Soccer 2010” you will find the match schedule and different groups on the top of the page. Apart from that you wil also notice that Google is displaying “Goooooal” instead of “Gooooogle” at the bottom of the page.

This simple tweak from Google for “Football in South Africa” will definitely bring big smiles on the faces of all Soccer fans. These search results related to the “FIFA World Cup 2010” will give all the information easily without much mouse clicks. The search results also shows the first matches details (South Africa vs. Mexico – 11 Jun 4:00pm and Uruguay vs. France – 11 Jun 8:30pm). Probably we need to wait and see if Google throws some more new surprises once the World Cup 2010 starts.

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