Protect Your AWS Accounts With Amazon Multi-Factor Authentication

Written By Sam on 1 September 2009

You can now keep your Amazon Web Services account more secure with an additional layer of protection. When you activate the Amazon Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) feature for your account you need to provide a second piece of information (an authentication code) in order to log in to the AWS Portal and the AWS Management Console.


This new Amazon Multi-Factor Authentication for AWS Accounts will be very helpful for enterprise-level customers. To activate this feature all you have to do is purchase an authentication device and activate it for your AWS account using the AWS portal. From then on you will need to provide your password and the authentication code from the device in order to log in. These types of Authentication devices are used by many banks to login to their portals. With the help of this small, lightweight, and long-lasting devices you can reduce fraudulent logins very easily.


This feature uses OATH reference architecture for time-based one-time passwords. The authentication device contains a very accurate clock and once synchronized to your AWS account, the device displays a new set of pseudo-random digits every 30 seconds. The digit stream is based on the current time and the authentication device’s unique serial number. As the price of the device is not very high($12.99) you can purchase it and protect your AWS Account.

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