Youtube Now Features Crossfades, Wipes and Slides, MySpace Autoshare, HD and CC Badges, Shows in France and More

Written By Sam on 3 October 2010

YouTube has announced language support for additional languages including Arabic, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Romanian, Slovenian, Ukrainian and Vietnamese. Alongside this, the video-sharing website expanded its partner program and added four new countries – Argentina, Sweden, New Zealand and the Czech Republic. The partner program, which enables people to make money from their videos, now has a total of 21 countries in its fold.

The website also used the opportunity to announce improved features for video enthusiasts – the most notable being its video editor that now allows users to combine and trim videos directly on, without installing any software. They can also add transitions, like crossfades and wipes, between video clips. For this, they need to select the transitions tab in the media picker, drag the transition and drop it between any two videos in the storyboard.

The MySpace Autoshare enables users to share their YouTube activities on your MySpace account. Users need to check the Account tab and proceed to ActivitySharing. All that remains to be done is hitting the ‘Connect accounts’ button next to the MySpace logo. An ‘Add-to playlist’ widget ([+] button on video thumbnails in search results) now includes a menu that allows you to add the video to any one of your playlists or start a new playlist.

Other new features include:

  • Filtering YouTube Charts by categories, accomodating with up to 20 results in each page
  • Improved screen reader accessibility for YouTube player for the visually impaired
  • Full-length TV shows, including BFMTV: Bourdin Direct and Britain’s Got Talent for viewers in France
  • HD and CC (Closed Caption) badges on search results page, in addition to the New, Channel and Playlist badges that already exist
  • Changed colour for visited links and a grey tinge for videos that have been checked.

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