Download Dazzling Flashlight 4g App – LED Flashlight App for iPhone 4

Written By Sam on 11 July 2010

All the Apple iPhone 4 users can now rejoice light independent photography by activating iPhone 4’s dedicated photographic light source LED to its handsets. Yes! you heard it right! Cramzy has announced “Dazzling Flashlight 4g 1.0“, a powerful LED flashlight application that would activate the miniature LED camera light (next to the video lens) adding in extra illumination even in unexpected situations.

Flashlight App works very well with FaceTime, the iPhone 4’s video calling feature. Providing real flash whenever needed, Flashlight 4g app provides instant illumination and safety in the dark as well. The tiny LED incorporated in iPhone 4 is very powerful and with such applications like Flashlight 4g 1.0 that easily activate this LED as and when required is certainly a cherry on top. Flashlight 4g 1.0 is available for download worldwide from the Apple App Store and can be purchased for a price of $0.99.

Features of Flashlight for iPhone 4

  • Capabilities to activate built-in LED video light,
  • Provides bright, focused light anytime, anywhere through the In built LED
  • Capabilities to supply light for hours on a full charge
  • Capabilities to activate Retina display screen to provide additional light

Download Dazzling Flashlight 4g [iTunes Link]

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