Foursquare 2.0 For iPhone Now Available For Download, Comes With To-Do List and Tips; Android, Blackberry Versions To Follow

Written By Sam on 22 September 2010

Foursquare is all set to roll out its new 2.0 update for the iPhone version of the mobile application. Simply explained, the tool helps users to keep a track of where they have been, places they want to visit and the things they want to experience. The apps’ most touted features are its tips and to-dos. In fact, there are separate sections dedicated for the two. Here’s how the app works. Let’s assume you chance upon a brand new store that you would want to try out later. You can add it to your ‘To-dos’ list. Once the entry is made, you will be able to see tips of your friends highlighted on the venue view in the app.

The company has noted that “once something is added to your To-Do List, you will see a blue ‘dog ear’ for that place whenever it pops up in your nearby places list”. And the next time you check in at the store you earlier intended to visit, you will get a reminder of any of the To-Dos you may have saved for that venue (‘check out the Buy-one-get-one/BOGO deals,’ for instance). The app also comes with a “handy counter on each tip, so you can see how popular they are with other Foursquare users”.

The app also has an ‘Add to my foursquare’ option. The embeddable ‘Add to My foursquare’ basically connects what you find on the Web with your Foursquare To-Do List. So, you can read reviews, click on the ‘Add to My Foursquare’ button, and have the info and the tip about the BOGO deals on your phone.

The company has informed that Blackberry and Android versions of the upgraded app will also be released in the near future.

Download foursquare iPhone App [iTunes Link]

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