Limera1n Jailbreak Tool for iOS Devices Released Amidst Drama, SHatter Saved for Future Devices

Written By Sam on 11 October 2010

Joshua Hill aka P0sixninja has Tweeted: “wow, geohot steals our untethered exploit just so he can release first… talk about #a****le“. So, there is no doubt about how much the release of Geohot’s limera1n jailbreak tool for iOS devices, just ahead of the scheduled Greenpois0n launch, has upset the Chronic Dev Team. The last few days the internet has been flooded with reports on Greenpois0n, and suddenly the focus seems to have shifted to Limera1n, based on a new exploit that pwns all iOS 4.1 devices. The unexpected development led to the release of Greenpois0n being stalled for the moment. The Chronic Dev Team posted in its blog:

“Thanks to the irresponsible antics of geohot, we will have to delay the release of greenpois0n (new ETA = as soon as possible), so that we have time to clean up his little mess and integrate the exploit he uses in limera1n into greenpois0n. This way, we can save SHAtter for future devices that may still be vulnerable to it.” They also tweeted for Greenpois0n fans saying, “To the people who are saying they are disappointed by this: It would really be a waste to use SHAtter now and not save for next gen devices”. After such public display of anger, the team is now bracing to re-work on Greenpois0n tool, using Geohot’s bootrom exploit, and “saving SHAtter for future devices”.

So, what is the Limera1n jailbreak tool about? Understood to be in works for over the six months, the Limera1n jailbreak is compatible with the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 4G, iPod Touch 3G and the iPad. As revealed in the official site, Limera1n is:

  • … Unpatchable
  • Untethered thanks to jailbreakme star comex

On why it was released thus, the site took a swipe at the Chronic Dev Team saying: “released today to get chronicdev to do the right thing”. The tool is only available for Windows, However, a Mac and Linux version is “coming soon”. And if you cut all that drama pertaining to the release, the plain news is the Apple community now has a jailbreak tool for the latest versions of iOS and beyond. And those wanting to try this new tool would do well to know “limera1n isn’t one click”. Apparently, “that’s the price of unpatchability”. The site also noted the Apple TV is also supported ‘technically’ but there are no apps for it at this point. To jailbreak your iOS 4 device, you will need to download Limera1n and follow the prompts. A bug list notes that the “3GS new bootrom is broken, fix pending”. So iPhone 3GS owners may do well not to try this tool right away.

As for the Chronic Dev Team, a majority of the Apple community believes they have acted responsibly by postponing the release of Greenpois0n at this juncture. And feel so too as evident from their Tweeter post: “We are making the responsible decision as suggested by @MuscleNerd and @comex to delay greenpois0n while we implement the limera1n exploit.” So, expect to hear more about Greenpois0n soon, or will they keep the release low-profile this time?

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