iAntiVirus – Powerful AntiVirus and Spyware protection for MAC OS X

Written By Sam on 21 August 2009

Though there are very few viruses made for MAC when compared with Windows, it is always the best thing to protect your MAC before you are affected. iAntiVirus is a powerful AntiVirus and Spyware protection for MAC OS X. iAntiVirus protects your MAC against the most cyber-threats which attempt to gain access to your PC. Real-time protection and comprehensive system scanning is provided by PC Tools iAntiVirus which ensures that your MAC is safe and Virus free. The Free Edition of iAntiVirus features Powerful malware protection, Virus, worm and Trojan protection, Spyware, adware and dialer protection, Scan and Remove, Smart Updates and IntelliGuard Real-Time Protection.


iAntiVirus database is designed in such a way that it detects and removes Mac specific threats which enables a high level of protection. iAntiVirus enables a high level of protection while keeping memory footprint and resource usage at a minimum.The user interface is simple and purely functional, simple to scan, removes and to manage infections.

Features of iAntiVirus for MAC OS X

Multiple Scan Options: By using iAntiVirus, various scan types can be performed which allows you to strike a balance between the time taken for scan completion and its thoroughness.

Real-time Protection: IntelliGuard protects your Mac against infections in real-time, it displays and alerts you when an infections is detected and blocked. This works silently in the background and minimal system resources are used.

Quarantine Infected Files: All the detected infections are quarantined with iAntiVirus, which allows you to easily view and restore items in the case of a false positive.

Minimal Resource Usage: iAntiVirus works silently in the background where the threats are blocked and removed without any system impact. It just displays a small alert window to advise you that Your MAC is protected.

Automatic Smart Updates: It protects and guards the computer against threats and viruses. The iAntiVirus updates are automatically downloaded and installed through the Smart Update Function. It protects you from the latest online threats and the good thing is that the threat signatures are updates within hours of a high risk malware outbreak.

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