ESET Mobile Security for Symbian Features Anti-Theft, Remote Wipe, Firewall, MMS/SMS Anti-Spam

Written By Sam on 1 June 2010

There are many Symbian based smartphones in the market that enable you to navigate, communicate and shop online. But you also need to protect your mobile from malicious things and you can make use of ESET Mobile Security for that. ESET Mobile Security brings a new level of protection to Symbian smartphones and is available for beta testing.

Apart from blocking malware, ESET Mobile Security for Symbian phones provides many advanced features. ESET Mobile Security for Symbian has got anti-theft features like SIM matching and remote wipe to prevent unauthorized use of your Mobile and to remotely delete all confidential data on the device via a SMS command. ESET Mobile Security also consists of a firewall which allows users to select one of the predefined profiles or set up custom rules to manage incoming and outgoing communications. MMS and SMS antispam filters unwanted messages using customizable blacklist and whitelist. The ESET Mobile Security Public Beta 1 software runs on Symbian S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1 or 2, Symbian S60 5th Edition devices.

New Features

  • Anti-Theft features, including SIM Matching and Remote Wipe
  • SIM Matching enables users to define a list of trusted SIM cards on a certain device
  • Remote wipe allows users to remotely delete sensitive information using a pre-defined password and SMS command
  • Fully integrated firewall monitors ingoing and outgoing communication in accordance with user-defined rules and profiles
  • MMS/SMS anti-spam includes black/whitelisting and blocks unwanted messages
  • Security audit checks phone features relevant to mobile security and notifies the user of security concerns
  • Remote Administration support in the Business Edition


  • Heuristics have been optimized for use on mobile platforms
  • Infected files can be placed in a Quarantine folder, from which the user can then choose to restore or permanently delete them
  • On-Demand scanning scans the entire device or specific folders
  • Advanced On-Access scanning scans all created, used or incoming files
  • Logs and statistics are in a more accessible format
  • The user interface has been enhanced to promote ease of use with settings dialogs and an intuitive menu

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