Google Nexus One Desktop Dock for N1 Available for $45 From Google Online Store

Written By Sam on 29 January 2010

Until last week there are many talks about the Google SuperPhone or the Nexus One. We covered a lot about Nexus One including – “Google Nexus One Complete Specifications, Features, Details, Images and Video“, “Buy Unlocked Google Nexus One for $529 and With T-Mobile Contract for $179“, “5 Things You Need to Know Before and After Buying Google Nexus One“, “Detailed Comparison Between Google Nexus One and Apple iPhone 3GS“, “Early Termination of Subsidized Nexus One Costs You More Than Unlocked Nexus One” and many more. Google has now announced about Nexus One Desktop Dock which is available for purchase from the Google online store. The Nexus One Dock is custom-designed for the N1 and offers a convenient place to charge your phone on your desk.

Google Nexus One Desktop Dock for N1 Available for $45 From Google Online Store

To use your Nexus One mobile with the Nexus One Desktop Dock, just drop it in the Dock and the Clock app launches automatically. With the dock you can easily

  • Check the local time and weather
  • Set and clear alarms
  • Watch a slideshow of your photos
  • Play music
  • Dim your phone’s display for nighttime use

There is also a 3.5mm-to-RCA audio cable include in the package that allows you to connect the dock to your stereo. This allows you to listen to your phone’s music on the stereo system. Nexus One Dock is priced at $45 and can be bought as a separate accessory from the online store, or bundled with the purchase of your Nexus One phone.

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