How to Change Product Code for Nokia N97 to Get Latest 2.1 Firmware Upgrade

Written By Sam on 31 January 2010

Good news for all the Nokia N97 users out there as the Nokia N97 software update release 2.1 will be available through the Nokia Software Updater on Monday 1 February. The software version number will be 21.0.045 (RM-505) or 21.2.045 (RM-507). The release for N97 China 2G (RM-506) will follow shortly. The latest firmware upgrade for Nokia N97 contains many fixes and improvements on the earlier releases including

  • Improved call reliability
  • Smooth touch screen scrolling
  • Browser improvements
  • Music player improvements
  • Improved image and video stability

The latest N97 Firmware will not be available for all regions. But if you are very eager to try out the latest firmware then you can change N97 product code and get the latest firmware upgrade. You can use “NaviFirm” to get the information about N97 product codes that has got the latest firmware upgrade. After that you can use “Nemesis Service Suite (NSS)” to change product code of N97 to upgrade your current firmware.

Procedure to Change Product Code of Nokia N97

Download the required applications to change the product code on N97.

Nemesis Service Suite (NSS)

Obtaining Nokia Product Code with Latest Firmware Availability Using NaviFirm

The first thing to be done is to get the N97 product code which enables us to get the latest firmware. Just run “NaviFirm” and select your mobile model (Nokia N97-RM505/RM507/RM507) from the “Products” Menu. This shows the firmware releases for the current model. Select the latest firmware and you will be shown all the N97 variants that are eligible to get the latest firmware update. Note down the product code which is more appropriate for your region.

Obtaining Nokia Product Code with Latest Firmware Availability Using NaviFirm

Changing Nokia N97 Product Code With Nemesis Service Suite (NSS)

  • Connect your Mobile to the PC using a data cable and run Nemesis Service Suite and you will see something similar to the below image. Click on the search icon present on the right top corner.
    Changing Nokia Product Code With Nemesis Service Suite
  • Now your device will be discovered and some information about the same is displayed. Now click on the “Phone Info” button which is shown in the image.
    Change Nokia Product Code
  • Now click on the “Read” button to display all the information about your N97 mobile. Information such as “Product Code”, “HW Version”, “Manufacture Month”, “Order Number”, “Prod Serial Number” of your Nokia N97 are displayed.
    Change Nokia 5800 Product Code
  • Now comes the most important step. Once you have successfully read the values from your mobile, check the “Enabled” check box present after “Product Code” and after that change the value present in the “Product Code” box to the one we have noted down from “NaviFirm”. The value will be something like “0580761” or “0583786” or “0576555”. Finally click the “Write” button to change your product code.
    Change Nokia 5800 Product Code With NSS
  • Now disconnect your N97 mobile from the PC and power it off. Now power it on and connect to the PC. Use the Nokia Software Updater to get the latest firmware for your Nokia N97 Mobile.

If you had followed all the steps correctly you will be successful in changing the product code of your Nokia N97 Mobile and the upgrading the firmware to the latest version. Once you are done with upgrading your firmware you can change back the product code to the older value. If you have forgotten your product code don’t worry as it will be present below the battery.

Note: Changing the product code of your Nokia N97 Mobile will void the warranty of your mobile and if something goes wrong you might brick your Mobile. This article is written for information purpose and we at TechHail will not be responsible if you damaged your mobile. So use it at your own risk! [I used it my own risk and successfully updated my mobile to the latest firmware.]

7 Responses to “How to Change Product Code for Nokia N97 to Get Latest 2.1 Firmware Upgrade”

  1. sp says:

    Great product/solution.

  2. eximius says:

    Thanks for the flashing tutorial.

    I have successfully flashed the product code to the phone, and am now in the process of downloading the update. I am a bit nervous cause no regions matched mine at all in the list NaviFirm gave. So I picked “0587665: RM-505 T-Mobile UK GB v1 Black (Contract)” even though I am in South Africa and my product code is (according to the phone): 0584965.

    I rebooted the phone after the flash and it started up fine, so I don’t think it’s bricked… yet… lol

    So crossing thumbs that this works. If it fails and bricks my phone, I will post, otherwise, it all worked…

    I just wish I never got this phone. What a complete waste of time.
    Boo on you Nokia.

  3. tashlin says:

    hey eximius looks like we in the same boat I am a south african with the same N97 problem I AM COOKING MY OWN FIRMWARE NOW BASED ON PRODUCT CODE 0587665.

  4. Volkan says:


  5. michael says:

    hi guys..need some help here…i already downloaded the NSS but when i connect my phone the NSS cant discover my phone…it just blank…can someone please help me with this problem…..thanks in advance…..

    • Ori says:

      Hi there, Just a suggestion. I too had that problem. I was using windows vista and I tried it on windows xp and it worked there after however you will need the cable drivers installed before hand. I hope this might help.

  6. sky says:

    1st connect with ovi suite then start nss n search it will detect n quiet ovi suite.

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