How To Fix HTC EVO 4G Not Vibrating While Receiving SMS Text Message or MMS

Written By Sam on 25 July 2010

Users can set HTC Evo 4G Android phone to vibrate while you receive SMS or MMS, whether the phone is in vibrate mode, ringing mode or silent mode. Users will just listen to a audible tone and this phone do not vibrate when you open a message, read or you reply to it. In Android phones this vibrate issue does not get activated when you select the option in Messaging settings to vibrate when the display notification to users while the SMS or MMS text message is being arriving or been received.

So in order to fix HTC Evo 4G phone no vibration issue while you receive MMS or SMS, follow the two methods.

Method 1: First Disable Vibration and then enable it

Go to Messaging, press the menu button which will take you to settings. The check box of Vibrate under “Notification settings” will be available, uncheck it and then re check it. Now reboot your phone.

Method 2: Through Sound Manager, you can set vibrate.

You can try out the second method in case, the first method does not work. Launch Android market, download and install Sound Manager app, now press the button and go to Vibrate settings, now you can see the ‘Vibrate whenever possible” check box under Notifications, just tick it. Once you are through with the settings, you can uninstall the Sound Manager app without disturbing the vibration functionality.

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