Latest Mobiles – LG BL20, Samsung S5560, Nokia X3, LG Pop GD510 and Acer beTouch E100

Written By Sam on 23 December 2009

The mobile market is becoming very interesting these days with many new mobiles coming into the market everyday. There are many mobiles that are released every day both in the high end segment as well as low end segment. There are many Smartphones that are released from popular companies like Nokia, Samsung, LG, Acer and many more. Recently mobiles like LG BL20, Samsung S5560, Nokia X3, LG Pop GD510 and Acer beTouch E100 have grabbed my attention with some stunning features and specifications.

LG BL20 – New Chocolate Series Mobile

LG BL20 - New Chocolate Series Mobile

LG has added another phone to its huge list of chocolate series, the New β€œLG BL20” inspired from BL40 is certainly the next successor of the series. With a stylish design, latest BL20 Chocolate measuring 106.9 x 50.8 x 12.3 mm of 115g comes with a concept of touchpad- navigated slider. The S-Class touchscreen interface of LG BL20 and its 21:9 wide display makes it an unique handset.

Though not so impressive as BL40, BL20 of LG provides users with 5 MP camera which has auto focus capabilities along with text scanning mode and the LED flash. Chocolate BL20 is capable of capturing QVGA videos at 15fps and a mediocre web browser.

However, BL20 has few disadvantages when compared to the previous chocolate versions from LG. This phone will not feature an accelerometer, and comprises volume rocker and camera key, which have no press feedback. The memory card slot is located under the batter cover, the scrolling time in image gallery is quite slow, and there is no sign of any social networking integration, which very well disappoints the users. Still, with many others features included in it, LG BL20 is pretty cheap and isn’t a bad phone to possess one too.

The Key Features of LG BL20

  • Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE support, dual-band UMTS with 3.6 Mbps HSDPA
  • 2.4″ 262K-color QVGA display
  • Touch-sensitive navigation pad
  • Slim slider phone weighing 115g.
  • 3G connectivity.
  • 5 megapixel autofocus camera with Schneider-Kreuznach optics,
  • AF-assist light and LED flash
  • Standard microUSB port
  • Bluetooth (with A2DP)
  • Hot-swap microSD card slot (up to 16 GB)
  • Stealthy touchpad and classic chocolate looks
  • FM radio

Samsung S5560 (Marvel)

Samsung S5560 (Marvel)

Samsung S5560 a.k.a Marvel, is an another touch screen candy bar phone from Samsung with a 3″ display with a 240 x 400 WQVGA resolution. Though slightly heavier than S5230 Star, S5560 weighs around 95 grams, which is pretty light for its volume. Unlike other Samsung phones, the Marvel does not feature 3G connectivity and provides only Wi-Fi to its users.

Marvel features three hardware buttons below the touch screen display namely the Call, End keys and the center button, which are significantly higher than the level of the display having a solid click for a feedback. You are also provided with volume rocker on the left side along with a Lock Key and the shutter key on the right.

With rounded corners, Samsung S5560 comes with TouchWiz implementation and three different non-scrollable home screens and is certainly an aspirant to the Samsung Jet.

Features of Samsung S5560 [Marvel]

  • General: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • Form factor: Touchscreen bar
  • Dimensions: 107.5 x 52 x 13.2 mm, 95g
  • Display: 3.0 inch WQVGA TFT resistive touchscreen, 240 x 400 pixels
  • Platform: Latest TouchWiz 2.0 UI, Smart Unlock
  • Memory: 78MB integrated memory, hot-swappable microSD card slot (up to 16GB)
  • Camera: 5 megapixel auto focus camera with LED flash, image stabilization, WDR, face detection, Smile Shot, blink detection and QVGA video recording at 15 fps
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP, standard microUSB port, 3.5mm audio jack
  • Misc: Accelerometer for screen auto rotate and turn-to-mute, FM radio with RDS
  • Battery: 960 mAh battery

Nokia X3 XpressMusic Mobile

Nokia X3 XpressMusic Mobile

Nokia has announced successors to its XpressMusic line-up. The Nokia X3 is a slider phone comes with 2.2-inch display with native resolution of 240×320 pixels, 3.2 MP camera, 3.5mm jack and stereo loudspeakers. It uses Series 40 interface and comprises a built-in FM Radio aerial through which it provides better music.

Available in Red and Black or Blue and Grey combinations, Nokia X3 is quite compact in design and comes with many features embedded in it. Nokia X3 comes with preloaded Opera Mini 4.2, an application that enables quick web navigation, loads pages quickly and allows you to save on traffic.

Though the image delivery is quite scummy, X3 has a monochromatic display makes it feasible to read whilst in sunlight. The Nokia X3 plays MPEG4, H263 and H264 coded content with maximum resolution of 320×240 pixels. Listed below are features of Nokia X3.

Features of Nokia X3 at a Glance

  • Robust battery which provides 7.5 hrs of continuous talk time.
  • Music Oriented.
  • 2.2″ display with 240×320 pixels resolutions.
  • 3.2 MP camera.
  • 3.5mm jack and stereo loudspeakers.
  • Supports MPEG4, MP3, H263 and H262 coded content.
  • Integrated FM Radio aerial.

LG Pop GD510

LG Pop GD510

LG has release its smallest touch candy bar handset, the LG Pop GD510. With a unique and impressive design, Pop GD510 features 3-inch touch-sensitive screen, which utilizes resistive technology to register your touch along with WQVGA native resolution. Design of LG Pop GD510 enables you to install directly a solar panel, unlike the Samsung Blue Earth, which requires additional accessories.

Home screen of LG Pop GD510 will consist of three pages namely the Widgets, Livesquare and your favorite contacts with pictures. It is expected that the main menu might pretty much look like the one that devices with S-CLASS 3D interface have. Pop GD510 lacks in providing high-speed Internet connectivity, as it does not feature 3G and Wi-Fi functionality embedded in it.

However, Pop GD510 allows automatic setup of email accounts and social networking programs along with access to three most popular social networking sites – Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. With many enhanced features included Pop GD510 is certainly must buy phone of LG.

Features of LG POP GD510

  • Portrait keyboard with proper sensitivity and handy T9 entry
  • Support for touch QWERTY keypad.
  • Permits to enter specific IMAP and POP server details
  • 3-megapixel camera
  • Bluetooth
  • Audio player and FM radio feature.

Acer beTouch E100

Acer beTouch E100

An entry-level Windows Mobile 6.5 phone from Acer, β€œthe Acer beTouch E100” and its second version E101 have been unleashed. Equipped with 2-megapixel camera, 528MHz processor, A-GPS and 3G, Acer be Touch E100 lacks Wi-Fi and accelerometer whereas the second version of E100 called the Acer beTouch E101 does not support 3G. Available in white and black color combination, these devices also facilitate the users to change their panels to three different colors (pink, red and green). These Acer phones are certainly a tough competitor to the Samsung OmniaLITE B7300 and HTC Touch2.

Acer beTouch E100 features 3.2-inch resistive touch display with native resolution of 240×400 pixels, supports 65k colors. Though unusable in direct sunlight, you can atleast have a spick handy mirror. Acer beTouch E100 comes with 2-megapixel camera and allows to listen to music using Media Player, however the sound quality is mediocre.

Playing DivX and Xvid videos with extremely high resolution is an added advantage of the Acer beTouch E100 over its competitors. Listed below are few features of Acer be Touch E100.

Featues of Acer beTouch E100

  • 528MHz Qualcomm MSM7225 processor, 256MB RAM and 512MB ROM
  • Strong battery, operational for about 400 hours in standby.
  • Additional panels in various colors
  • Snappy operation speed
  • Very good multimedia functionality
  • 2-megapixel camera
  • 3.2-inch resistive touch display
  • supports 65k colors
  • 3G connectivity but no Wi-Fi
  • Built in Google Maps.

Apart from the above mobiles Motorola Droid and Google Nexus One are creating a lot of Buzz on the Internet. But the sad thing is that there isn’t a single mobile that has yet given a tough competition to the Apple iPhone.

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