Motorola Launces 5 New Mobiles – Motoyuva WX181, Motoyuva WX260, Motoyuva WX265, Motoyuva WX290 and Motoyuva WX295

Written By Sam on 20 July 2010

Motorola India launches new five entry level mobile phone in Brand MOTOYUVA. These phones are more colorful and come at affordable prices which provide solutions for talking, text messaging, capturing photos and listening to music. The Five models of MOTOYUVA are Motoyuva WX181, Motoyuva WX260, Motoyuva WX265, Motoyuva WX290, Motoyuva WX295 which comes featuring FM radio, integrated torch light, Bluetooth, integrated MP3 player, memory which is expandable up to 2 GB, GPRS connectivity and a digital camera. Pricing of this mobile sounds really good, ranging from Rs.1490 to Rs.2890.

Motoyuva WX181

This one is the basic model which comes with FM radio. It has battery performance of 180 to 450 minutes of continuous talk time and stand by time of 220 – 380 hours and this model comes with connector Mini USB.

Motoyuva WX295

This one is a Flip Phone model and comes with camera and FM radio. Standby time is 420 – 620 hours and Talktime is 180 – 480 minutes. Other specs are GPRS, Bluetooth, MMS, Mini USB Connector and MicroSD memory up to 2GB.

Motoyuva WX290

This model includes features like MMS, Bluetooth, GPRS, Connector Mini USB, FM radio, Removable memory and MicroSD which can be extended up to 2GB. 420-620 hours of Standby time and 180- 480 minutes of talk time.

Motoyuva WX260

Features are MMS, GPRS, Mini USB Connector, MicroSD up to 2GB and FM radio. WX260 gives 180-480 minutes of Talktime and 420–620 hours of Standby time.

Motoyuva WX265

This is again a Flip phone model with talk time of 180-480 minutes and 420-620 hours of standby time. Further it comes with removable memory MicroSD expandable up to 2GB, MMS, GPRS, Bluetooth, FM radio along with Mini USB connector.

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