Motorola to Announce iDEN i886, Android Phone Sporting Dual Keyboards

Written By Sam on 3 October 2010

Motorola gave us the BackFlip and FlipOut devices. Now another model, the Motorola iDEN i886, has figured in an FCC filing. Although technical details pertaining to this Android-toting phone are still sketchy, we assume it will come with features of a mid-ranged handset. The phone sports two keyboards — a slider keyboard with capacitive keys for a comfortable QWERTY experience; and an under-screen keyboard that is nothing extraordinary.

Motorola iDEN i886 Features

  • Push-to-talk and GPS capability
  • Accelerometer
  • Web browser
  • Bluetooth
  • 2 megapixel camera
  • MicroSD card slot

We don’t know when it will be officially announced, or when it will start shipping. When it does, the i886 is expected to hit Sprint/Boost Mobile in the US. We aren’t sure which version of Android the phone will run on; but will fill you in with details when we have them.

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