Secure Jailbroken iPhone 3GS/3G From SSH Attacks By Changing Default Password

Written By Sam on 5 November 2009

There are many people who are interested in using iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS in their countries where it is not yet available officially. The only way you can use any SIM card on iPhone is to unlock it. To unlock iPhone 3G/3GS you need to first Jailbreak it. You can use blackra1n RC3 to Jailbreak your iPhone and unlock it using blacksn0w or you can also use PwnageTool to Jailbreak iPhone and then Unlock it using Ultrasn0w. But once you have got a jailbroken iPhone there are chances that it might become vulnerable to attacks. Recently a Dutch hacker threatened all jailbroken iPhone users by sending them a message saying that “Your iPhone’s been hacked because it’s really insecure! Please visit and secure your iPhone right now!“.

One of the main reason for these kind of incidents is because many jailbroken iPhones have SSH running and the default password is not changed. All iPhones have the same default root password “alpine“. So if you leave SSH running on your iPhone, then a hacker can easily break into your iPhone. The best way to protect your iPhone is to disable SSH or change the default SSH password.

To protect your iPhone by changing the root password you need to first jailbreak iPhone and install OpenSSH. Then follow the below steps.


  • Open up Cydia on your iPhone and search for “MobileTerminal”.
  • Once you have found the MobileTerminal app, install it on your iPhone and reboot your iPhone.
  • Now start MobileTerminal and type the command “su root” (without quotes).
  • Now type the default password “alpine”.
  • Now key in “passwd” command and press enter.
  • You will be prompted to enter the new password type. Choose a more secure password.

Once you changed your password it would be difficult for others to break into your iPhone via SSH.

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