Download Rapidshare Manager 2 (RSM2) For Windows, Mac and MultiOS

Written By Sam on 24 July 2010

If you are a frequent RapidShare user then you will definitely need “RapidShare Manager” which will ease your uploading and downloading of files very easily from RapidShare. RapidShare Manager 2 (RSM2) simplifies uploading and allows several downloads simultaneously and it allows you to resume interrupted uploads and downloads and store files as large as 2,000 megabytes at RapidShare. RapidShare Manager v2 features an email client which allows you to send files as attachments to your friends. Moreover all RapidShare file attachments can be automatically packed in to zip archives for faster transfers.

Features of RapidShare Manager 2

  • Upload: Uploading your files using the RSM2 is quite simple. All you have to do is just open the upload rider and drag the desired files into the list using drag and drop. Alternatively you can also click on the blue button “Add” in the menu bar to select the files.
  • RSM Link: You can generate an RSM link for other RSM users, which refers to several files. You can just select the entries from the list of uploads you would like to summarize in an RSM link. Marked entries are highlighted in blue. Then click on “Create RSM Link” on the menu bar above. You also have the option of changing the storage location for the files and saving a note for the downloads.
  • Account/Settings: The RSM2 has many functions, so that you can individually customize them. For example, the proxy setting, the language, messages and many other options can be changed according to your preferences.

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